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4th October 2000, 11:21
I am looking to change the exhaust system on my MY00 UK and I am going to make my decision purely on the system which is going to give me the most power gain (with a Link ECUin the future), so what is the opinion, Scoobysport, Power engineering, BPM, HKS, Blitz???

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4th October 2000, 15:24
Could be any of them (one has to hope!) depending of individual strenghts and weaknesses. "Power" is a relative technical term, Jake, and - to give you an example - you could have the same power in BHP with all of them, but across a wide rpm spectrum, etc., etc.

Assuming other members respond with precise personal experiences, you should be able to gauge which one does what.

good luck


4th October 2000, 23:47
This has to be the easiest question ever posted.. The most powerful exhaust system on a turbo car is none. Thats it remove the whole thing and you will have the "system" that can make the most power. you will need a new ECU to take advantage of this but I see you have this planned. If of course the noise and emmisions are of sligh concern then you could have a custom 4" dump pipe made up then at the first factory join split the system into two 3" pipes and lead them to the rear with a long resonator on each. this has proven to be the best in back to back testing, If you want an off the shelf setup then I think the best one is the Apexi GT spec (you can even get it in Titanium now 43% lighter)it even has a silencer that pops in with just one bolt. this is very useful for those trips with the mother in law http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif the Apexi system is very straight and when coupled with a custom 4" dump pipe is one of the best available.

Jan Shim
6th October 2000, 02:37
Funny i was just thinking about an exhaust system or lack of one for that matter. I have listened to a JUN-spec wagon running with just a HKS downpipe attached and man did it sound like shit. I run a 3" BPM twin dump downpipe and centre pipe + 3" Fujitsubo FGK muffler. Turbo is a VF24 and i've found amazing improvements in mid range and high end torque. I think it's this reason i am addicted to redlining my scooby all the time coz it does that so easily. At the time i purchased the exhaust from BPM, they hadnt released any muffler yet. They do now and i've heard very good things about their 868-hp twin barrel Twister. Cant wait to have a taste of that. I'm sure the mother-in-law will approve of it http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

6th October 2000, 03:12
Ive had a little experience with choosing the right exhaust, I researched into all the systems available and only came to one conclusion. This being that the Mongoose System seemed to give the best results when Power figures were taken, on the Powerstation Rolling Road the Mongoose gave an extra 20BHP to a WRX http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/eek.gif. I have never seen any other exhaust give these results, if you want performance with some big flames I can only reccomend this system.

Good Luck


6th October 2000, 09:20
Does anyone know which cat you need to pass the MOT, centre ,downpipe or both??


10th October 2000, 13:14
Front alone will pass
Centre alone will struggle unless VERY hot.

10th October 2000, 21:57
well am I the only person that went with GGR system.It has a sports cat within the the down pipe,3 inch bore front to back.
Was this the wrong choice it seems to have transformed my car.But noone else has even spoke about this option.
Do you boys know something I dont?
cheers Pluto

12th October 2000, 15:40
Been having a little debate about noise on iwoc and the old MOT emmisions chesnut came up.

I've been told that if you're car is a post 95 UK spec then you need a cat, otherwise your car won't show up on the emissions database and therefore you don't need a cat.

Can someone 'in the know' qualifiy the above statement?