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Adam M
11th January 2001, 14:47
I would just like to know if anyone has any views on this topic. I have been alerted to the existence of one in england second hand and am interested to know of any experiences of people.

It has been suggested to me to save my money and make up my own, avoiding the breather pipes etc. but this seems like a lot of effort to someone who has more important things on at the moment.

11th January 2001, 19:50
Complete b*stard to fit (properly http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif), I believe. IIRC the fuel rail should be removed.

Do a search - I think Firefox had decent input on this 4-6 months back.

I'd love to know how you get on....and 2nd refusal if you choose not to buy it (email me)!


19th January 2001, 06:45
fitted one to my V5 , needed a bit of cutting at the turbo end about 25 mm off , and not so easy to fit needs the PS pump to be removed and the std hose to be cut to remove it and was only meant to fit with ram pod , but i used some 3 1/2 inch exhaust tube + more silicon rubber to fit it to the std air box , at the end of the day i doubt that i got 15 kw like they say on BPM web but did make it better up top . I would make sure you replace the Y pipe first .


20th January 2001, 12:45
I found it easier to remove the inlet manifold to fit it. saves heaps of time and skin...

21st January 2001, 11:49
you may want to know that Graham goode are about to release their own inlet pipe - a copy of the sti uprated part which costs a ridiculous 86,000 yen....the GG pipe , like the sti item does not dispense with the black concertina pipe coming from the air filter thus no cutting or messing about - just straight replacement... (also means the same part will fit either sti or uk/wrx sized air filter box pipe) I think (hope) it will fit better under the manifold aswell for easier fitting.... I am on the waiting list for the new part (crucially available in red to match the sti manifold paint- as well as 'sti cerise' and blue) - price will be 170 + vat....
obviously we only have GG's assurance it will be as good as the sti/bpm versions - however as it is a copy of the sti part I think it will deliver the goods....

full report when I get this done.

Paul W

21st January 2001, 12:38
Yep.. I've seen it http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

Nice piece of kit... couldnt remember how much it was though...

Made by Samco...


30th January 2001, 14:56
What makes it so hard to replace the pipe?


31st January 2001, 16:54
The GGR pipe was around 180ish from memory. Definately under 200 and above 150!

(Also strongly considering one!)

31st January 2001, 17:48
Here are some pictures on my inlet pipe, fitted to the stock airbox (you have to remove the inlet manifold to fit it)...



Carlos H.

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31st January 2001, 23:14

the problem is that the original resembles a cactus, there's just so many branhes etc that trying to pull it out under the manifold is almost impossible. Even with the bits removed it's still a bit of a pig.... there just isn't enough room!

Another option other than the BPM pipe is to just remove all the breather pipes which rejoin the trumpet, fit breather filters to the open orifices, replace the little water cross-pipe (not the big ally one) and then it's possible to fit a Samco 70-56mm reducer to the front of the turbo, then a 70mm 90 degree bend to that, result should be a pretty good intake path... this may bet too close to the PS pump though, requiring a remote PS reservoir, or in my case, just ditch the PS altogether! http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif