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16th July 2003, 22:48
Why is there a restrictor welded inside the up-pipe on the Gruppe S up-pipe that comes with the manifolds???

And why are both Parcel Force, and Customs robbing fu*king bastids...
52 in charges, when the parcel was valued at US $200, + $102 shipping???

6.xx import duty, 32.xx VAT, and 13.50 Parcel Force handling charge ?????


Lateral Performance Ltd
17th July 2003, 05:41

Basically, all imports are liable to duty, and VAT on not only the value of the goods, but the "shipping" too. So your $200 u/p gets valued at $302.

Then they apply an exchange rate, EG $1.65/. Giving about 183.00. Add duty, about 6.40, giving 189.40, and then VAT 33.00.

13.50 is a little steep though. The rest is down to our beloved government !


17th July 2003, 06:40
complaining ?????

over here we pay import taxes also over the price + shipping, and we pay 12% + 18% + additional expenses http://www.lancerregister.com/images/smilies/goingmad.gif

17th July 2003, 10:17
As to the restrictor...

Maybe its one of these "vortex" generation thingies... or an anti reversion device in the wrong place.

17th July 2003, 11:03
did you by it via the gruppeS group buy on SN?? (Stainless Headers w upipe)

Let us know how you get on with the upipe (opinions of it in action/fitting etc..)


john banks
17th July 2003, 11:18
Uppipe sits low and angled backwards, spacing the uppipe brackets down helps, but then my downpipe sits low.

Harvey's earlier post re gaskets for Ion headers is useful. I think the gasket issue is not solved yet!

17th July 2003, 16:40
Up-pipe is the one supplied with the manifolds.
It is deliberately, and smoothly sleeved down inside the up-pipe, for about 6" of its length. Not by much, but its still done.

Manifolds look very good. I didnt get them as part of the group buy, as I ordered them before it came about.
Purchased direct from Gruppe S, US $599 incl shipping.
Declared value on parcel was as mentioned $200, so id hate to think what the custom bastid tax could have been.
Good service, though they only actually posted them after I asked for a tracking number, after waiting a week for the manifolds.

You can sort of see the line of the sleeved section in this pic.
And again, in this pic, from the opposite end

17th July 2003, 16:40

callum ferguson
17th July 2003, 21:38
The headers look very nice but I would still recommend you put a good square over all of the flanges before fitting. Mine aren't Gruppe S but they had to come off again and the leak issue at the up-pipe is still not solved http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif It looks like the up-pipe may have to come off for the same treatment with a file http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

17th July 2003, 22:50
I've had the Gruppe-S headers on for a while now and happy with them. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

The first time i fired the car up, the gasket at manifold to up-pipe leaked pretty badly cause of stressing the up-pipe to manifold fitting.

I altered the securing/locating brackets at the top of the up-pipe after bolting the up-pipe to the manifold and have had one tiny tiny leak at the lower joint since. It was admittedly a very small leak but bugged the hell out of me!

Took off the supplied gasket and fitted an alternative.....which was a nonsense. Fired the car up..... fine....drove it round the block...fine....put my foot down to come on boost...and blew the fecker clean out!! http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/eek.gif

Hmmm....Took manifold off and checked flanges to make sure they were square (manifold and up-pipe) which they were, so have now fitted another alternative type gasket and so far....no problems. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

Well pleased with purchase and results from them


17th July 2003, 22:55
Good chance that their up-pipe may not be used anyway. HKS Garret is fitted which already has an up-pipe to suit.
Just have to see which looks better, and then modifiy to suit.

17th July 2003, 23:18
Look out for the different bore on the uppipe Steve, the Gruppe-s is larger than most others.

18th July 2003, 00:11
Yea, see that...
Mite have to weld a flange onto the Gruppe S for the garret instead of using its own up-pipe.
Dia looked a lot bigger, but havent compared yet