View Full Version : Performance Exhaust change

Simon Roe
6th December 2000, 12:52
Back box on my car is going to need changing fairly soon so I am thinking about what to do.

Firstly will the 4door exhuasts fit the 5door? I assume looking at the car it is the same floorpan and therefore only the body + interior are different?

without wanting to insult a company or advertise in anyway, can anyone tell me the advantages and disadvantages between going for a Scoobysport system or back box or a Scooby Mania system or back box? as they look pretty much the same and are similar prices... or any other make come to think of it!

Cheers for any help


6th December 2000, 17:17
I am very happy with my SS Downpipe and SS backbox and magnex resonated centre.