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  1. Newage intake snorkle and alternator cover
  2. Blob/hawkeye radiator complete
  3. Newage 3 pin alternator
  4. Hawkeye plastic header tank
  5. Newage genuine cam and crank sensors
  6. Newage idle control valve and throttle body assembly
  7. Bugeye/blobeye genuine front and rear lambda sensors
  8. Newage genuine maf sensors
  9. Newage rcm alloy induction trumpet with k&n filter
  10. Newage sti exhaust headers with sti non catted uppipe
  11. Newage sti full tgv delete inlet manifold
  12. Newage sti intercooler water spray kit
  13. Newage sti pink 550cc injector set
  14. Hks genuine ssvq bov with newage fitting
  15. Hawkeye sti large intercooler under tray kit
  16. Vf35 turbo charger complete (low mileage)
  17. Newage aftermarket 3inch cat back exhaust system
  18. Blobeye sti blue suede seats
  19. Blobeye sti front bumper with winglets and fog covers 18l black
  20. Hawkeye 565cc injector set
  21. Newage piper x carbon fibre induction kit
  22. Newage sti 100pcd r180 large rear hubs complete
  23. Gold brembo rear 2 pot rear brakes complete
  24. Newage wide track all black steering wheel
  25. Newage wide track sti centre consol conversion
  26. Hawkeye sti genuine roof vane spoiler
  27. Newage sti genuine high level boot spoiler wr blue
  28. Brembo large brake set up with uprated disks and pads
  29. Brembo large front brake set up with disks and pads
  30. Tein super street coilovers 114pcd wide track fitting
  31. Prodrive pff7 genuine alloys 18x8j 114pcd fitting with avon tyres
  32. Newage sti ej207 long engine complete with heads (low milege)
  33. Defi genuine 60mm gauge set up with sensors/controller/wiring/newage centre pod
  34. Wide track 114 pcd r180 full hub set
  35. Newage wide track 05-07 sti r180 rear driveshafts
  36. Newage custom black blue leather sti seats and matching door cards
  37. Default SC GT35r BILLET TURBO VERSION 3 (300miles only)
  38. Syvecs s6 plug and play newage 01-05 models
  39. Bride low max genuine seats with matching rear bench and roof lining
  40. Bugeye prodrive sti breaking wr blue(brembos/vf35/prodrive styling/teins+more
  41. 2.5 omega pistons for sale
  42. Prodrive sti edntion side skirts wr blue
  43. Bugeye sti alloy bonnet with large sti 8 replica scoop wr blue
  44. Bugeye prodrive edition front grill wr blue
  45. Tein newage 40mm lowering springs
  46. Newage/classic billet c shape uprated rear drop links
  47. Newage aftermarket 2.5inc centre section with sports cat
  48. Newage sti tgv delete red inlet manifold 01-05
  49. Newage sti intercooler spray kit (boot mounted)
  50. Newage sti 550cc pink injectors (great wrx upgrade)
  51. Newage aftermarket trumpet style dump valve and bung
  52. Newage oem sti turbo heat sheild
  53. Newage sti heavy duty r18o front and rear driveshafts
  54. Newage sti heavy duty r18o rear hubs 100pcd fitting
  55. Newage sti blue speedo dials
  56. Bugeye sti blue suede seats
  57. Newage 03 wrx ej205 long engine
  58. Newage brembo rear brakes with good disks and pads 100pcd
  59. Newage large brebo front brakes with as new pagid disks and pads 100pcd
  60. Newage sti 17inch 100pcd gold alloys with kumho tyres
  61. Newage 1piece decat open mount down pipe
  62. Newage prodrive sti back box and non resonated centre section
  63. Vf35 turbo charger complete
  64. Newage sti ej207 uk long engine with full service history and recent cambelt kit
  65. Newage sti genuine high boot spoiler wr blue
  66. K-sport 8 pots 330mm discs
  68. Subaru Impreza BOLT ON RCM / Garrett Turbo
  69. Subaru impreza hawkeye sti black cluster
  70. Massive new year clearout sale
  71. Classic full de catted turbo back exhaust system
  72. Classic model heavy duty full sump gaurd
  73. Autosport 2015 - JTi
  74. Dunlop slick competition tyres 245/650/18
  75. Pirilli pzero competition tyres 235/40/18
  76. 18"speedline corse competition alloys with kumho competiton tyres 114pcd et48
  77. Syvecs blue tooth module brand new
  78. Spec c 1 piece inlet manifold/spec c inlet pipe/spec c inlet wiring loom
  79. BIG SPEC 500BHP HAWKEYE SPRINT CAR BREAKING(2.5 forged/jdm dccd/ap's/syvecs/much more
  80. Looking for a bundle of parts please !
  82. ++++ s202 spec-c anti surge fuel pump assembly with walbro ++++
  83. ++++ rear brembos calipers with disc's ++++
  84. ++++ spec-c gearbox oil cooler kit ++++
  85. ++++ spec-c s202 black alcantartrim, seats and door cards ++++
  86. ++++ Newage 22m whiteline anti roll bar with droplinks ++++
  87. ++++ Classic carbon STI front strut brace ++++
  88. Newage custom flocked dash (ideal track car ect)
  89. Newage custom carbon fibre door card set (ideal for track car ect)
  90. Hawkeye defi style us spec dccd speedo dials
  91. Lifeline 2.4 litre hand held fire extinguisher (track/road car)
  92. Lifeline 4ltr fia zero 2000 large plumbed fire extinguisher system (track/rally ect)
  93. Newage dtm style mirrors and backing plates
  94. Newage heated front screen (ideal track car ect)
  95. Newage saloon doors with full plastic window kit and metal supporting frames
  96. Newage carbon fibre vortex spoiler
  97. Hawkeye genuine sti roof vane spoiler
  98. Newage sti twisted side skirts wr blue
  99. Blobeye sti rear lights (great hawke/bug upgrade)
  100. Hawkeye sti xenon headlight set
  101. Hawkeye sti front wings wr blue
  102. Hawkeye sti alloy bonnet with rcm style reverse bonnet sccop and aero catches
  103. Hawkeye jdm front bumper with full grill/vent set/fog covers/carbon canards
  104. Newage wide track alloy rear trailing arms
  105. Subaru genuine 3 port boost solenoid
  106. Newage spec c inlet wiring loom lightend and de cluttered
  107. Rcm light weight alloy crank pulley
  108. Newage oem re circ valve
  109. Wide track 114pcd hubs with extended wheel studs fitted
  110. Newage sti male to male 100pcd front drive shafts
  111. Newage wide track r180 rear heavy duty drive shafts
  112. Newage wide track 114pcd fitting bc br coilover set up complete
  113. Speedline turini 18x8j 114pcd wheels with yokohama advan super soft sprint tyres
  114. Fully forged 2.5 engine with 2litre big port avcs heads 500bhp+ spec
  115. Jdm sti blobeye 03 dccd 6 speed gearbox with selector/prop and matching r180 3,9 diff
  116. 400bhp+ blobeye sti wr blue breaking(prodrive pff7s/6speed/brembos/md turbo/fmic+more
  117. RCM Timing Belt Kits (SUBARU)
  118. Newage replica roof vane spoiler
  119. Blobeye sti saloon front wings wr blue
  120. Blobeye sti genuine large bonnet scoop wr blue
  121. Blobeye sti front grill with jdm pink badge
  122. Blobeye sti saoon rear bumper wr blue
  123. Newage pink ended front strut brace
  124. Uprated Refurbed 5spd & 6spd bush kits
  125. Newage scoobyworld afterburner full turbo back decat exhaust system
  126. Newage 6 piece blue silicone hose kit
  127. Newage carbon fibre alternator cover
  128. Newage sti boot mounted water spray kit
  129. Mac 3 port aftermarket boost solenoid
  130. Hks ssvq bov
  131. Blobeye sti large intercooler undertray
  132. Newage r180 rear shafts/hubs/front driveshafts
  133. Blobeye sti blue suede seats (great wrx/classic upgrade)
  134. Newage sti genuine high level spoiler wr blue
  135. Brembo large 4 pot front brake set up with disks and pads(great wrx/classic upgrade)
  136. 6 speed blobeye 03 sti non dccd gearbox set up
  137. Welbro 255 l p/h uprated fuel pump
  138. Inlet insulating 10mm spacers 99-07 models
  139. BLOBEYE WIDE TRACK BRAKING 01G SILVER spec c wheels/dccd 6 speed/jdm extra's/ppp+more
  141. BLOBEYE WIDE TRACK STI BREAKING 48W (6 speed dccd/brembos/vf35/sti styling+interior+)
  142. +++breaking yellow 2002 sti spec-c s202, ppf7's, vf34, v9 conversion, carbon bits +++
  143. Rare spec c bugeye light weight front bumper iron
  144. Rare spec c blobeye front bumper iron
  145. Newage dccd buttons
  146. Sti 05 newage revised blue suede door cards
  147. Wide track all black sti steering wheel
  148. Newage revised 05 sti centre colsole conversion kit
  149. Blobeye jdm sti hid factory headlights
  150. Newage wide track alloy lateral arms
  151. Kyb 50mm inverted suspention with sti pink showa lowering springs 114pcd fitting
  152. Blobeye sti intercooler undertray
  153. 114pcd sti heavy dutry r180 front + rear driveshafts + full 114pcd hub set
  154. Blobeye blue sti dccd speedo dials
  155. Widetrack 05 revised blue suede door cards
  156. Blobeye sti 05 revised blue suede front and rear seats
  157. Wide track sti all black steering wheel
  158. Sti boot lid 48w cystal grey
  159. 48w newage sti twisted side skirts
  160. Blobeye sti saloon front wings 48w
  161. Blobeye sti headlights
  162. Blobeye sti bonnet with genuine scoop 48w crystal grey
  163. Blobeye sti grill with wr1 sport mesh
  164. Newage wide track alloy rear trailing arms
  165. Newage stainless rear back box
  166. Newage standard oem catted down pipe (great for mot time)
  167. Newage sti full tgv inlet manifold
  168. Newage sti oem re circ valve
  169. Vf35 turbo charger complete
  170. Wide track sti rear bumper with arch extensions 48w crystal grey
  171. Brembo large 2 pot rear brake set up
  172. Brembo large 4 pot front brake set up
  173. Enkei 17x7.5j 114pcd gold wheels and tyres
  174. Brembo large 4 pot front brake set up
  175. Blobeye uk 6 speed non dccd gearbox set up
  176. NEWAGE 05 STI EJ207 LONG ENGINE avcs/semi closed deck block/great wrx/classic upgrade
  177. 05 uk 6 speed dccd gearbox set up with prop/selector/r180 rear diff complete
  178. rogerclarkmotorsport
  179. Cosworth HD conrods - Subaru EJ20 / EJ25
  180. Newage alloy radiator with slim line fans and custom over flow pot
  181. Lm5oo billet turbo with full twin scroll conversion (lm500/gt spec headers/sump set+
  183. BIG SPEC BUGEYE PRODRIVE STI BREAKING(2.1 build/sc40billet/alctec/whiteline/bc's+more
  184. Hawkeye sti wr blue breaking(dccd 6 speed/vf43/ppp/brembos/sti styling and many more)
  185. 2 x sets brembo brakes
  186. Bugeye blue uk sti speedo dials
  187. Newage sti black gear surround 01-04
  188. Newage half weld in roll cage
  190. Newage prodrive limited edition side skirts wr blue
  191. Bugeye sti front wings with carbon insert and smoked repeaters
  192. Bugeye sti saloon rear lights
  193. Bugeye prodrive edtion headlights
  194. Bugeye sti rear saloon bumper wr blue
  195. Bugeye prodrive sti limited edition bumper wr blue
  196. Newage alloy front strut brace
  197. CDF RACING WITH NEWAGE FITTING KIT (also fit classic also)
  198. Newage cdf racing billet alloy front drop links
  199. Cdf racing c shape billet drop links
  200. Newage whiteline front 22mm adjustable anti roll bar
  201. Newage whitelone 24mm adjustable rear anti roll bar
  202. Newage k&n induction kit with maf fitting
  203. Welbro 255 l'ph uprated fuel pump
  204. Newage sti tgv delete inlet manifold
  205. Cdf racing 3 port billet oil catch tank
  206. Newage cobra track friendly 3inch full turbo back exhaust system
  207. NEWAGE ALCATEK/SIMTEK ECU 01-05 MODELS (anti lag/launch control/mafless/twin maps
  208. Newage alloy rad cooling panel
  209. Perrin 3 port boost solenoid
  210. Perrin turbo blanket
  211. Blouch sc40 billet turbo
  212. SPA 2in1 52MM GAUGES IN NEWAGE CENTRE POD(boost/intake/oil temp/oil/fuel press/volts)
  213. Newage genuine high level spoiler wr blue
  214. Brembo refurbed rear brakes with grooved disks and ds3000 pads
  215. Brembo front refurbed brakes with performance friction 2 piece disks and ds3000 pads
  216. Team dynamic pro 1.2 18x8j wheels with toyo r888 tyres 100pcd
  217. Team dynamic pro 1.2 18x8j wheels with vredestein ultrac tyres 100pcd
  218. Newage sti 2.1 fully forge long engine(cdb/mahle/cosworth/avcs headers+more)
  219. Bugeye sti alloy bonnet woth large sti rep scoop wr blue
  220. Newage dccd buttons
  221. Wide track sti blue suede door cards
  224. Hawkeye sti clock spring with steering angle sensor
  225. Hawkeye sti all black steering wheel
  226. Hawkeye sti wide track centre console conversion kit
  227. Newage sti twisted side skirts wr blue
  228. Hawkeye sti oem rear diffuser kit
  229. Hawkeye sti wide track rear bumper with arch extensions wr blue
  230. Hawkeye sti 56 shell wr blue (hpi clear/id and paper work complete)
  231. Wide track alloy rear lateral arms
  232. Enkei 17 inch hawkeye sti gold alloys with pirelli pzero tyres
  233. Hawkeye secondary air pump
  234. Newage sti oem catted down pipe
  235. Hawkeye/2.5 heads shorter coilpacks
  236. Hawkeye dbw throttle body/pedal assembly/sti dbw inlet/dbw engine wiring loom
  237. Newage sti inercooler spray kit (boot mounted)
  238. Newage 565cc injectors set
  239. Hawkeye sti large top mounted inercooler kit with pipe work and brackets
  240. 114pcd wide track r180 hub set up
  241. Newage wide track r180 rear drive shafts
  242. 114pcd male/male heavy duty front driveshafts
  243. Hawkeye sti front and rear blue suede seats
  245. GC8 Rear Firewalls
  246. ++++ 2009 sti 11 dccd gearbox set-up ++++
  247. Newage sti headers with sti non catted uppipe
  248. Newage sti oem catted down pipes x4
  249. Newage sti oem re circ valve
  250. Bugeye sti large intercooler under tray kit