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  1. Raceland newage 01-04 coilovers
  2. 6 speed 03 sti gearbox set up and associated parts
  3. 6 speed revised 04 plate onward gearbox set up with associated parts
  4. newage sti 03 long engine perfect runner (SEMI CLOSED DECK/AVCS HEADS)
  5. Hawkeye sti 07 breaking
  6. EXEDY OE clutch kits
  7. Hawkeye sti seats front and rear's
  8. Hawkeye sti all black steering wheel
  9. Hawkeye sti alloy bonnet with scoop 32j black
  10. Newage wide track rear bumper with arch extensions
  11. Hawkeye sti front bumper with fog lights/grills/vents/lower mesh grill needs work
  12. Hawkeye sti wide track subframes/lateral arms/front arms/steering rack
  13. X5 hawkeye sti 114pcd enkel 17inch gold alloys with goodyear f1 tyres all round
  14. Hawkeye sti 565cc blue injectors
  15. HAWKEYE VF43 TURBO UNIT (ideal wrx/classic upgrade)
  16. Twin scroll sump set up (sump/pick up pipe/dip stick/baffle plate)
  17. Ej25 short motor only 4300 miles only
  18. Hawkeye sti 07 body shell hpi clear
  19. BLOBEYE PPP STI BREAKING (innovite tarmacs/ppp package/6 speed/brembos/sti styling)
  20. 2 Door shell
  21. NEWAGE STI R180 ABS REAR HUBS (ideal 6 speed conversion parts)
  22. BLOBEYE STI REAR LIGHTS (great bugeye/hawkeye upgrade)
  23. Blobeye sti front lights nice clean units
  24. Blobeye sti genuine front bumper with fog covers and winglets
  25. Newage sti genuine hi level spoiler 18l black/gold
  26. Newage sti blue clock set with adjustable shifter light
  27. Blobeye sti 3 spoke steering wheel
  28. Blobeye sti alloy bonnet with genuine large scoop 18l black
  29. Newage sti/kyb ultra suspenstion combo complete
  30. Newage large brembo 2 pot rear brake set up
  31. Prodrive ppp sports cat down pipe
  33. Newage sti large undertray
  35. Newage sti semi closed deck long engine with avcs heads
  36. Newage r180 front and drive shafts sale
  37. Innoivte tarmac 17inch alloys with good legal tyres 100/114pcd fitting
  38. Toucan Firmware Release V1.30
  39. 400BHP+ BLOBEYE BIG SPEC (simtek/md321t/fmic/defi's/18inch wheels/morette's/sti seats
  40. Classic anti lift kit and alloy arm set up
  42. Excedy twin plate clutch set up
  43. ++++ breaking 2002 prodrive bug sti, 6speed, vf35, brembo's, magnex, 17's ++++
  44. +++ 2.5 forged 1998 sti 4 engine ++++
  45. classic sti v3-4 5 speed gearbox set up
  46. Hawkeye sti red defi style dccd speedo dials
  47. Blobeye sti steering wheel
  48. Blobeye wide track sti blue sude seats
  49. Newage genuine morette saloon rear lights
  50. Blobeye genuine morette headlights
  51. Subaru newage 01-04 suspension 50mm inset and 40mm lowering springs
  52. Newage gold brembo 2pot rear brakes with uprated disks
  53. Newage polished cooling panel
  54. Gm 3 bar map sensor
  55. Newage wrx rear hubs (2pot rear brake fitting ideal classic upgrade)
  56. Newage wrx 5 sped gearbox set up
  57. NEWAGE STI EJ20 LONG ENGINE (scvs heads/smei closed deck block etc)
  58. Prodrive wr1 replicas 18inch wheels with perelli p zero tyres 100pcd
  59. K sport 8 pot front brakes 330mm 2 piece disks set up
  60. closed
  61. HIGH SPEC BUGEYE BREAKING (brembos/bc's/gt specs/2.1 build/brembos/6 speed/fmic+MORE
  62. Rare prodrive edtion newage side skirts wr blue
  63. Blobeye saloon rear lights (great hawk/bug upgrade)
  64. Rare prodrive edtion bugeye headlights with hid kit
  65. Bugeye sti bonnet with genuine high scoop wr blue
  66. Prodrive edition bugeye front grill kit
  67. Rare prodrive edtion bugeye front bumper with aftermarket splitter wr blue
  68. Rare prodrive edtion newage rear spoiler
  69. Newage large brembo 2 pot rear brake set up
  70. Newage large brembo 4 pot set up with uprated disks and pads
  71. Team dynamic 18inch mesh alloys with good legal tyres
  72. welbro 255 uprated fuel pump
  73. newage aftermarket inlet pipe and induction kit setup
  74. Newage decatted down pipe 3inch-2.5inch with t port design
  75. Newage mongoose 2.5inch cat back exhaust system
  76. newage wrx eco tekked mapped ecu
  77. Mocal oil breather tank
  78. Sytec adjustable fuel reg with gauge and fuel rail adapter
  79. Newage 565cc injector set
  80. Turbo smart hugh dual trumpet adjustable bov
  81. Newage as new front mounted intercooler set up
  82. Td05 20g bolt on turbo (380bhp+)
  83. Ap racing 5 speed uprated 230mm clutch kit
  84. Newage r180 rear shafts and rear hubs great conversion parts
  85. Newage 6 speed non dccd gearbox set up and associated parts
  86. Rcm gt spec 3 bolt headers with venturi uppipe
  87. Td04 front entry newage wrx turbo unit
  88. MASSIVE NEW YEAR SALE CLEAR OUT (picture heavy)
  89. Newage uk sti ej20 short motor spares or repairs
  90. Engine tuner 2.1 closed deck stoker engine
  91. ++++BREAKING 98 STI 4 VF34, FMIC, STI 8 ENGINE, 550cc, ALCATEK, 18's, NINJA DECAT+++
  92. ++++ classic front mount intercooler kit ++++
  93. 412BHP BLOBEYE STI BREAKING (md555/gt spec headers/brembos/6 speed/sti styling/18's)
  94. Jt innovations wide band lamba sensor
  95. Svx 3.3 sump/dipstick/pick up and baffle
  96. Newage blobeye sti blue suede seats (excellent wrx/classic upgrade)
  97. Newage sti twisted side skirts wr blue (great wrx upgrade)
  98. Blobeye sti headlights
  99. Blobeye sti alloy bonnet wr blue (no scoop)
  100. Blobeye sti grill with badges
  101. Blobeye sti front bumper with fog covers and winglets (un modded)
  102. Proflex alloy rear c shaped drop links
  103. Newage sti pink type strut brace
  104. Newage sti/kyb 50mm inveted suspention kit with tein 40mm lowering springs
  105. Newage brembo large rear brakes with uprated disks and pads
  106. Newage large front brake set up with uprated disks and pads
  107. Newage k&n typhoon inner wing induction kit
  108. Welbro 255 lp'h uprated fuel pump
  109. Lateral performane ultra light weight crank shaft pulley
  110. Genuine gt spec headers with 3 bolt venturi uppipe and ceramic coating
  111. Blizt electronic boost controller kit
  112. Newage 740cc uprated inectors
  113. Newage huge alloy aftermarket tmic set up
  114. Md555 450bhp turboo unit with ceramic coated rear housing
  115. Newage sti 03 uk long engine (avcs heads/semi closed deck block etc)
  116. Newage sti genuine high level spoiler wr blue
  117. Newage 6 speed 03 uk non dccd set up and associated parts
  118. Newage sti r180 rear hubsd great 6 speed conversion part
  119. Innovite tarmac 18inch wheels with tyres 100pcd et45 (clear large brembos etc)
  120. Newage wrx 17inch alloys with good tyres
  121. JDM BUGEYE STI BREAKING (brembos/6 speed/sti sytling/sti seats/cat back system/bailey
  122. Hawkeye uk sti defi style speedo
  123. BIG BOY WED SPORT TC105n 18 x 10.5'' et12, 5x114 pcd WHEELS
  124. Pioneer double din head unit cd/mp3/usb/remote control
  125. Bugeye sti blue suede seat set
  126. Bugeye sti alloy bonnet with genuine big sti scoop (wr blue)
  127. Bugeye aftermarket one piece front grill set
  128. Bugeye sti saloon front bumper with fog covers (wr blue)
  129. Brembo 2pot rear brake set up with disks and pads
  130. Newage sti 5 spoke 17inch alloys with legal tyres (ideal winter wheels)
  131. Newage 2.5inch 2nd cat delete pipe
  132. Newage standard catted down pipe (ideal for mot time)
  133. Newage 3inch cat back exhaust system
  134. Newage bailet dv26 dump valve kit
  135. Newage sti large tmic with pipe work (great wrx/classic upgrade)
  136. Newage sti 6 speed non dccd gearbox set up and associated parts
  137. Rota g force 18x8.5j 114pcd alloys
  138. Ultra rare rays prodrive 18x9j forge mono block alloys 114pcd
  139. NEW cosworth 355 mm brake kit .. 750
  140. Subaru impreza blob sti breaking wr blue(6 speed/brembos/vf35/sti syling/sti interior
  141. Hawkeye low milage dccd 6 speed gearbox and selector
  142. Blobeye sti blue sti clock set with adjustable rpm light(great wrx upgrade)
  143. Newage 01-04 sti blue suede door cards (great wrx upgrade)
  144. Newage 03 sti blue suede seats (great wrx/classic upgrade)
  145. Blobeye sti 3 spoke steering wheel (great wrx/classic upgrade)
  146. Blobeye sti rear lights (great bug/hawk upgrade)
  147. Blobeye sti head lights (nice clean original units)
  148. Blobeye sti alloy bonnet with genuine large scoop wr blue
  149. Blobeye sti front grill with badges
  150. Blobeye 03 sti shell hpi clear with i.d and v5 docs and service history ideal project
  151. Newage sti red 50mm inverted suspention set up complete (100pcd fitting)
  152. BREMBO LARGE 2 POT REAR BRAKES WITH DISKS AND PADS (great wrx/classic upgrade)
  153. Brembo large front 330mm 4 pot front brake set up with disks and pads
  154. Newage sti 17inch gold alloys with toyo proxy tyres fitted (100pcd)
  155. Newage sti tgv delete manifold (great wrx upgrade)
  156. Newage sti 550cc pink injector set (great wrx upgrade)
  157. Newage oem re circ valve
  158. Blobeye sti large intercooler under tray kit
  159. Vf35 turbo charge complete (grear wrx/classic upgrade)
  160. 6 speed non dccd 03 sti gearbox set up and associated parts
  161. Ultra rare rays prodrive gc-06d 18 x 9.5j forge mono block alloys 114pcd
  162. NEWAGE COIL PACKS SETS WITH WIRING PIG TAILS (ideal classic conversions)
  163. ++++ breaking 2001 bugeye wrx, sti up pipe, de-cat, morettes, hks t/timer h-brace++++
  165. NEWAGE VERSION 8 AVCS HEADS (type uk)
  166. Newage avcs cam belt cover set
  167. HAWKEYE SL BREAKING(vf34/miltek/leathers/18s/brembos/bc's/whiteline/204s spoiler+more
  168. Blobeye genuine sti high level bonnet scoop
  169. wide track centre consol conversion kit (great bug/blob upgrade)
  170. hawkeye all black 3 spoke steering wheel
  171. Kenwood single din cd player with mp3/usb and remote
  172. Hawkeye sti genuine rear diffuser
  173. Newage sti twisted side skirts 32j black
  174. Hawkeye saloon front wings 32j black
  175. Hawkeye zenon head light set
  176. Hawkeye alloy bonnet 32j black with scoop
  177. Hawkeye/blobeye rear bumper 32j black
  178. Hawkeye front bumper with zun sport black grill sets complete 32j black
  179. Newage whiteline andti lift kit complete (also fits classic models)
  180. newage goodridge stainless brake hose set
  181. Newage green filter performnce panel filter
  182. Hawkeye dbw throttle pedal and sender unit
  183. Hawkeye dbw throttle body (ideal conversion part)
  184. Hawkeye dbw inlet manifold with tgv bodies and fuel rails
  185. Hawkeye 565cc injector set
  186. Newage re circ valve
  187. Hawkeye sti under bonnet larger intercooler tray
  188. Hawkeye sti tmic intercooler set up with pipe work and brackets
  189. HAWKEYE TY754VG7AA 5 speed gearbox set up and associated parts
  190. NEWAGE R160 REAR HUBS WITH 2 POT REAR CAILPER FITMENT (ideal for classic convsions)
  191. Brembo 2pot big rear brake set up with good disks and pads
  192. Team dynamic pro 1.2 18"x8j light weight wheels with tyres 100pcd
  193. S204 kakumei carbon rear spoiler
  194. Miltek 3inch turbo system with sports cat newage fitment
  195. Sw Motorsports cage and fabrication services
  196. Blobeye 03 sti breaking (hks evc/brembos/6speed/17's/decat/sti styling+interior/vf35+
  197. Blobeye sti blue uk speedo with adjustable shift light (great wrx upgrade)
  198. Blobeye sti rear bumper wr blue
  199. Blobeye sti 03 bare shell wr blue ideal project
  200. Newage twisted side skirts wr blue (great wrx upgrade)
  201. Newage blue silicone top rad hose
  202. Newage magnex 2.5inch cat system
  203. Newage de cat open mouth down pipe
  204. Newage sti headers with decatted sti uppipe
  205. Newage intercooler water spray kit
  206. Blizt fatt turbo timer with newage plug and play kit
  207. Blobeye sti large under tray kit
  208. Newage sti tmic intercooler kit (great wrx/classic upgrade)
  209. Blobeye sti uk 6 speed gearbox set up and associated parts
  210. NEWAGE STI SHORT MOTOR (great wrx / classic upgrade)
  211. Brembo large 2 pot rear brake set up
  212. Newage sti 17inch alloys in anthracite
  213. Hks evc electronic boost controller set up with lcd display
  214. Newage 01-05 sti tgv delete red crinkle inlet manifold
  215. Hawkeye full front end conversion kit
  216. STUNNING BLOBEYE STI WR BLUE BREAKING rota 18's/6speed/brembos/2.5" h&s exhaust+more
  217. Excedy pink box hawkeye wrx 5 speed clutch kit
  218. Hawkeye 5 speed flywheel
  219. Newage avcs cam cover set
  220. Billet 6 speed 5.8kg light weight flywheel new
  221. ++++breaking 2002 wrx, blitz, b.c's, hyperflow, zerosports, toyo, ppp, zunsports++++
  222. ++++ breaking 2006 blue hawkeye wagon / estate, team dynamics ++++
  223. Blobeye sti 04 breaking 01g silver (brembos/6speed/vf35/sti styling and interior)
  224. ROTA 18inch x 8j ALLOYS WITH PIRELLI P NERO TYRES (100pcd/114pcd)
  225. Blobeye sti uk blue speedo dials with adjustable rpm light 72k only
  226. Newage sti blue suede door cards 01-04
  227. BLOBEYE STI 3 SPOKE STEERING WHEEL WITH SQUIB (great wrx/classic upgrade)
  228. Newage sti twisted side skirts 01g silver
  229. BLOBEYE STI HEADLIGHT'S (nice clean oem pair)
  230. Blobeye sti front grill with badges
  231. Newage sti 50mm inverted suspension set up complete
  232. 2X 18INCH WR1 REPLICA ALLOYS WITH EXCELLENT TYRES (ideal replacements or spares)
  234. NEWAGE STI TGV DELETE INLET MAINFOLD (great wrx upgrade)
  235. Newage sti 550cc punk injector set
  236. Newage aftermarket trumpet bov with bung
  237. Newage blobeye sti large under tray kit
  239. NEWAGE 04 STI BLUE SUEDE FRONT AND REAR SEATS (great wrx/classic upgrade)
  240. Blobeye sti alloy bonnet with genuine large scoop 01g silver
  241. Bugeye/blobeye 01-04 solid front subframe
  242. Newage brembo rear 2pot large calliper set
  243. Newage brembo large 4 pot front brake set up with disks and uprated pads
  244. Newage r180 rear hub set with abs rings
  245. Newage sti front and r180 rear heavy duty drive shafts
  246. 04 newage sti ej20 long engine with avcs heads and semi closed deck block 72k only
  247. 04 sti non dccd uk 6 speed gearbox set up and associated parts 72k only
  248. BLOBEYE STI 04 BRERAKING NICE SPEC (owen billet turbo/gt spec's/bc's/perrin/more)
  249. Newage sti 04 blue suede seat set (great wrx/classic upgrade
  250. Blobeye sti 3 spoke steering wheel and clock spring