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  1. ++++ breaking 2003 black sti 8, 18g, defi's, 18" pff7's, bc, rcm, 3" exhaust, ++++
  2. ++++ breaking 2005 sti 9 wide track dccd, forge d/v, ally rad, rota wheels ++++
  3. Flex fuel sensors - EOI
  4. PRODRIVE P1 2 DOOR COUPE BREAKING (2.5 forged/afp 20g/alcons/18's/550cc/more)
  5. ++++ breaking 2001 prodrive sti, nur spec, 18" p1 wheels, k&n typhoon, whiteline ++++
  6. ++++ newage coilpacks all years for sale ++++
  7. STI 8 BREAKING WR BLUE (vf35/brembos/whiteline/strut braces/more)
  9. Garrett gt35 1.06 rear housing
  10. 430BHP PRODRIVE P1 BREAKING(fully forged 2.5 motor/hks fmic/md321v/teins/whiteline
  11. Rcm gt spec 2 headers with genuine venturi uppipe
  12. Hks twin plate set up
  13. Genuine rare p1 rear spoiler
  14. Genuine p1 alloy light weight bonnet with carbon snorkle
  15. Genuine p1 front bumper with real carbon fiber splitter
  16. Genuine p1 2 door shell
  17. Classic cusco front strut brace
  18. Classic tein super steet coilover setup
  19. Classic v5/6 parrel fuel rail set up with fuel lap reg & lateral 900cc injectors
  20. Classic v5/6 simtek ecu
  21. Lateral performance 3 bar map sensor
  22. Classic p1 short ratio 5 speed gearbox and rear diff
  23. Classic phase 2 550cc injectors 400bhp+
  24. Stockcar .... aka Alyn .... aka AS performance .... your inbox is full fella.
  25. Lateral performance 76mm classic v5/6 inlet pipe
  26. VERSION 8 STI WR BLUE BREAKING (carbon mirrors/brembos/3inch exhaust/rota alloys)
  27. Classic phase 2 740cc injectors
  28. One off classic 99/00 simtek ecu
  29. ++++ 18" toyo r888 tyres +++
  30. JDM STI 7 BREAKING WR BLUE (o.z wheels/morrets/brembos/6speed+more)
  31. PRODRIVE STI 7 BREAKING(ppp sports cat/exhaust system/prodrive styling/brembos/forge)
  32. Newage sti 100pcd r180 rear hubs cheap
  33. Aem transmission temp gauge
  34. ## EX TIME ATTACK RACE CAR ## BREAKING ## CAR and PARTS for sale! ##
  35. WANTED:r/strut brace,ALK,Adj front top mounts,Adj 22mm rear ARB,frt+rear camber bolts
  36. Blobeye sti ppp wr blue breaking
  37. #### EX TIME ATTACK #### RACE CAR #### FOR Sale ####
  38. May Special Offer for Toucan display units
  39. Tsl newage cat back stainless 2.5inch exhaust system
  40. Apexi tripple gauges with pod cheap
  41. R180 uk Sti 3.54 rear diff
  42. Tsl newage fast flow sports cat down pipe
  43. Hayward and scott newage cat back exhaust system
  44. Newage genuine sti non catted headers
  45. newage sti 2003 uk avcs heads
  46. 410BHP BUGEYE STI BREAKING(rebuilt 2.5/teins/whiteline/oz/rotated greedy turbo +more)
  47. Competition stage 4 paddle clutch and lightweight flywheel for newage 6 speed setup
  48. Newage simtek ecu with asl/lc and dongle lead
  49. Greedy 500bhp+ full rotated kit with external waste gate/screemer pipe/headers/+more
  50. Newage sti red 50mm suspention set up
  51. Oil cooler and relocation full kit
  52. newage 2,5 rebuilt engine with recon'd 2Lavcs sti heads fitted
  53. tein super street coilovers newage/classic fitment
  54. newage sti uk 2 liter avcs long engine (bargain)
  55. classic 740cc phase 2 injectors 450+bhp
  56. Battery to boot relocation kit
  57. welbro 255lph uprated fuel pump
  58. Blobeye sti alloy bonnet with large genuine scoop (wr blue o2c)
  59. Spec c sprint car breaking massive parts list
  60. 405bhp hi spec classic breaking(built 2.5/syvencs ecu/rotas/defis/md turbo/gt headers
  61. spec newage defi style speedo with dccd
  62. blobeye spec c wiring loom with dccd
  63. spec c radiator with oem gearbox cooler
  64. newage sti gold 5 spoke alloy wheels
  65. lifeline plumbed in fire extinguisher system
  66. spec c blobeye headlights
  67. spec c blobeye front bumper with fog covers
  68. spec c blobeye bonnet with rcm style revese scoop
  69. spec c twin scroll set up (headers/sump/pick up/dipstick/)
  70. Sc42+ billet twin scroll turbo
  71. Mocal 19row oil cooler set up with remote filter kit and pipe work
  72. Api oil catch tank kit
  73. Bilstein b14 coilovers newage fitment (awesome setup)
  74. 2.1 scd built short motor (cheap)
  75. Wide track dccd blobeye Sti breaking (brembo's/ppp sports car/innovite alloys +more)
  76. Blobeye sti l19 black/gold breaking
  77. STI VERSION 8 BREAKING 18L BLACK/GOLD (brembos/6 speed/headers/exhaust/more)
  78. AP racing r160 4pot rear brake's with 330mm 2piece disks & ds3000 pads
  79. COSWORTH clearance
  80. Syvecs s6 gp ecu with custom wiring loom
  81. Wide track blobeye Sti breaking 32j (Dccd 6speed /114pcd/brembo's/ppp package +more)
  82. Massive newage Sti/classic parts clear out big discounts
  83. Innovite Tarmac alloys 18x7.5j 100pcd and 114pcd fitment
  84. 6 speed Dccd uk 44k gearbox set up and associated parts
  85. ej20 omega forged pistons std bore 92mm
  86. Breaking high spec blobeye 3.6 twin turbo project
  87. PRODRIVE P1 BREAKING NICE SPEC (2.5built/simtek/ats coilovers/fmic/more)
  88. Sti version 3 carbon fiber speedo dials
  89. Orange lable maf version 3-4 sti
  90. Momo tuner 350mm steering wheel with boss kit
  91. Sti version 3 ty752 gearbox and matching rear diff
  92. BREAKING WIDE TRACK STI 32J BLACK (Dccd/114pcd/facelift interior/brembo's/ppp package
  93. Excedy twin plate clutch
  94. PRODRIVE BUGEYE STI BREKING (6 speed/prodrive styling/forged spec c wheels/brembos)
  95. ++++ BREAKING 450BHP 2005 WRX, 2.5, 6SPEED, MD321T, FMIC, B.C'S, D2 BRAKES, 18's ++++
  96. Anyone intimate with this car?
  97. BLOBEYE STI BREAKING WR BLUE (carbon prop/ast's/whiteline/miltek/brembos/6 speed+more
  98. 05 plate blobeye sti dccd gearbox-propshaft-r180 diff-selector mech
  99. 2 x Cosworth High Pressure / High Volume oil pumps
  100. Blobeye wide track sti breaking (syvecs/whiteline/samcos/rebuilt engine/dccd/brembos+
  101. Hawkeye sti breaking (dccd/miltek/prodrive 18" wheels/brembos/roof spoiler/more)
  102. Whiteline 24mm rear anti roll bar wide track sti fitment
  103. Newage hel stainless brake lines
  104. Newage wide track sti alloy rear arms with uprated poly bushes
  105. Blitz nur spec cat back exhaust newage fitment
  107. NEWAGE EJ20 STI REBUILT API ENGINE (4k cost less than 1000miles use)
  108. 6 speed uk dccd 55 plate gearbox set up and associated parts
  109. Newage syvecs s6 ecu plug and play newage 01-05
  110. NEWAGE STI EJ20 ENGINE 54000 MILES (semi closed deck/avcs heads etc)
  111. NEWAGE ANTI LIFT KIT COMPLETE WITH SPACER (with alloy arms or without)
  112. braided turbo oil feed hose
  113. Bugeye prodrive limted edtion front bumper with splitter
  114. Prodrive p1 2door coupe shell build number 500 ideal project base
  115. Whiteline billet c shaped rear drop links
  116. Brembo rear 2pots with uprated disks and pads
  117. ++++ breaking 2005 wrx sl, leather trim, 18" ultralight alloys, later dash ++++
  118. ++++ newage perrin fuel rails with lines ++++
  119. ++++ apexi power fc v1/2 ecu with commander ++++
  120. ++++ newage 2001-2005 b.c coilovers br type ++++
  121. ++++ d2 8 pot front brake conversion ++++
  122. ++++ full 3" newage turbo back revolution sleeve fit exhaust ++++
  123. ++++ 18" ultralight alloy wheels with tyres ++++
  124. ++++ 2008 hatch back sti steering wheel ++++
  125. ++++ 3x CLOSED EDCK BLOCKS / CDB ++++
  126. ++++ newage psi3 ecu data monitor ++++
  127. ++++ 3x defi gauges with newage pod and wiring ++++
  128. ++++ brake clear out brembos, 4 pots, 2 pots ++++
  129. ++++ md321 t ceramic coated with standard size inlet ++++
  130. Flex Fuel sensors with harness 145+vat
  131. White line 22mm adjustable rear anti roll bar (Newage)
  132. White line alloy c shape rear drop links
  133. Brembo front gold brake set up with uprated disks and pads
  134. I8" PRODRIVE PFF7 flow formed alloys with tyres 114pcd
  135. AST sport line newage coilover set up
  136. Race logic hyper street coilovers as new condition 114pcd fitting
  137. Hawkeye vf43 turbo charger
  138. Ap racing clutch kit and lightweight flywheel 6speed fitting
  139. Freshly rebuilt ej20 newage Sti long engine less than 1000miles use
  140. Blobeye sti 6speed gearbox set up and associated parts
  141. Blobeye 55plate wide track Dccd gearbox set up and associated parts
  142. Hawkeye uk Sti long ratio 6 speed gearbox set up and associated parts
  143. Blobeye 05 sti wide track breaking crystal grey (dccd 6 speed/brembos/ppp package)
  144. omega
  145. Blobeye black mod and de tango's headlights with hid kit
  146. Enkel 17inch 114pcd alloys with good legal tyres fitted
  147. Wide track conversion parts
  148. Newage prodrive sports cat down pipe
  149. Vf35 turbo charger complete
  150. Large gold brembo 2 pot rear brake kit
  151. Large gold brembo 4 pot front brake kit
  152. Newage dccd 6 speed gearbox set up and associated parts
  153. NEWAGE STI 05 PLATE LONG ENGINE (scdb/avsc heads)
  154. Carbon fibre bonnet/wing vents time attack/track day style
  155. New age coil pack sale
  156. Newage sti 6 speed drive shaft sale front and rear 01-07
  157. HAWKEYE SPEC D STI 10K ONLY BREAKING (ej25/dccd 6 speed/leathers/hi spoiler/more)
  158. Genuine spec c lighter glass set
  159. Hawkeye sti 6 speed long ratio gearbox and parts 10k only
  160. Hawkeye sti ej25 long engine 10k only
  161. Newage wide track 24mm adjustable rear anti roll bar
  162. enkel 17" wide track 114pcd alloys with as new perelli p6000 tyres all round
  163. newage spec c radaitor with gearbox cooler outlets
  164. Hawkeye spec c lightweight bumper bar
  165. blobeye sti 55 plate wide track shell (ideal project)
  166. Hawkeye sti 06 shell ideal project or track car
  167. ++++ breaking 2002 wrx, 18" prodrive's, vf35, 550cc, sti tmic, afterburner decat ++++
  168. 2x 6 speed Dccd gearbox set up special price offer
  169. ++++ breaking 2005 wrx, 18" rota's, 18g, 3bolt headers, sti tmic, decat, 6 speed++++
  170. prodrive bugeye sti breaking black (18inc prodrive wheels prodrive bumper/brembos/
  171. Hawkeye spec d sti black leather seats and door cards
  172. TRS Magnum 6pt Harness / SUPERLITE offer
  173. ++++ breakingt 2001 jdm sti 7, 18" o.z, genome, cold air kit, fpr, xenons, ++++
  174. ++++breaking 2002 sti type uk ppp, fmic, k&n induction, sports cat, 17" redlines++++
  175. 6 speed dccd prop shaft
  176. Prodrive limited edition bugeye front headlights
  177. Hawkeye Sti front wings wr blue
  178. Rare prodrive style newage side skirt set
  179. Newage sti twisted side skirts 48w crystal
  180. Newaage sti genuine high level spoiler 08v black
  181. Brembo gold 2pot rear brake set up
  182. NEWAGE STI TMIC WITH PIPE WORK (great wrx/classic upgrade)
  183. Hawkeye sti large top mounted intercooler with pipe work and brackets and undertray
  184. newage wide track rear bumper with arch extentions 48w crystal grey
  185. Newage sti long engine 62k only (scd/avcs heads)
  186. clutch
  187. ++++ breaking 2001 wrx, de-cat, headers, stainless, walbro, 17" black wrx alloys ++++
  188. PRODRIVE P1 COUPLE BREAKING(ap's/defi/gt soec headers/rcm450/avcr/fuel lab/fmic/740cc
  189. new excedy uprated 6 speed pink box clutch kit
  190. Rare prodrive p1 interior seats
  191. Classic cusco rear adjustable strut brace
  192. Classic sti carbon front strut brace
  193. P1 genuine front bumper with splitter and covers
  194. P1 genuine rear spoiler
  195. P1 2door coupe shell
  196. Classic phase 2 tommi 740cc injectors
  197. Classic samco red water hose kit
  198. Classic v5/6 samco red turbo inlet hose
  199. Classic sti/p1 ty754vbaaa 5speed gearbox/rear diff/prop/shafts
  200. Classic v5/6 sti/p1 long engine
  201. Classic v5/6 gems simtek ecu
  202. Classic prodrive cat back system with non resonated centre section
  203. Fuel lab adjustable fuel reg with gauge
  204. Apexi avc-r black limited edtion boost controller
  205. Innovite tarmac 18x7.5j alloys 100pcd and 114pcd fitment
  206. Classic tein super street coilovers
  207. Defi 60mm black/red oil pressure and boost gauge and controller and all sensors+wires
  208. Rcm rc450 roller bearing hybrid turbo with ceramic coated rear housing 7k only
  209. Ap racing 6 pot front brakes kit with 355mm 2 piece disks and ds2500 pads
  210. Race Battery clearance
  211. helix 5 speed clutch and lightweight billet flywheel
  212. Blobeye sti 03 braking (teins coilovers/innoivite 18's/brembos/6 speed/3inch exhaust)
  213. newage blobeye sti blue suede seats
  214. newage sti hi level genuine spoiler and boot lid 18L black
  215. blobeye sti alloy bonnet with genuine large scoop 18L black
  216. blobeye sti front bumper with winglets/fog covers/zun sport front grill and splitter
  217. newage sti tgv red crinkle inlet manifold (great wrx upgrade)
  218. newage sti avcs long engine 63k only
  219. newage brembo large front brake kit painted red with uprated disks and pads complete
  220. newage 6 speed non dccd gearbox set up and associated parts
  221. Hks classic front mounted intercooler set up with super sonic xs bov complete
  222. BLOBEYE STI 04 BREAKING WR BLUE (blitx nur spec/6 speed/brembos/more)
  223. AEM GAUGES (/water temp/volts/fuel pressure)
  225. Aem tru boost controller kit
  226. Cobalt 5inch 10k over size tacho gauge with adjustable shift light
  227. Newage blizt nur spec r cat back system with bung
  228. Newage sti tgv red top inlet manifold 01-05 (great wrx upgrade)
  229. Newage sti ej20 long engine excellent runner (avcs heads/semi closed deck block etc)
  230. Blobeye 6 speed sti non gearbox set up with associated parts
  231. 6 speed gear linkage kit with uprated as performance bushes
  232. Orc single plate clutch kit with flywheel
  233. BLOBEYE STI WR BLUE BREAKING(6 speed/asl/twin maps/coilovers/brembos/typhhon k&n)
  234. CLASSIC V5 WRX RA BREAKING (oz 17's/3inch exhaust/limited seats/short ratio gearbox)
  235. Aftermarket 3 gauge pack with classic facelift dash pod
  236. Classic facelift limited edtion black door cards
  237. Classic limited edtion blue seats front seats with black rear bench
  238. Classic facelift front bumper with fog covers
  239. Subaru 4 pot front brake setup
  240. Oz 17inch p1 alloys
  241. Classic phase 2 440cc injectors
  242. Classic 3inch decatted turbo exhaust system
  243. Classic v5/6 forge bov
  244. Classic v5 wrx ra short ratio gearbox and matching rear diff
  245. Prosport stepper gauge's with classic centre pod
  246. classic sti hi level replica spoiler 74f blue
  247. Newage sti avcs cam covers
  248. Newage avcs ej20 uk heads
  249. Newage sti brembo large 2 pot rear brake setup
  250. Newage sti large brembo front brake set up with godspeed uprated disks and pads