Unlike Andy I havent the time to built a sprint car in 30 days so mines going to take a bit longer.Having sprinted my spec-c RA for the last couple of years my thoughts started to drift towards having a more dedicated car as the spec-c ticked all the boxes the thoughts of taking it further spec wise ment that I would ruin what was a rare car so I took the plung and sold it.I had an idea of what I wanted to build which was going to be a classic running newage 2ltr 6 speed etc keeping it light which would make it a very quick sprint car having seen Mikee's car down at the pod during the scoobysprint championship.I then thought about starting from scratch but when I priced up to buy a shell/strip/cage/paint it was going to cost and take longer than 365 days,as luck happened I found an RA 4 door shell already prepped seam welded painted at the right price so I bought that.

While I was up at a mates house he informed me that one of the rally lads that he competes with was breaking one of his subaru rally cars so I popped over and same again at the right price I bought his hydralic upright handbrake/ bias adjuster all the braided hoses all the braided fuel lines /fire extiguishers/seats and rails.With the car that I bought there was an out of date underslung premier tank bag which Im not going to use Im going to have made a purpose built 40 ltr tank in the boot with a sump running a bosh pump no need for a swirl pot or lifter pumps.1 of my question on this is what will be the best way to baffle this tank Foam? to stop surge and also the fuel sender to my origional clocks on the dash what would be the best way round this.Next question as i will be running an aftermarket ECU it will be running switchable anti lag and as such I will not be running a servo as where the holes in the bulkhead were have been welded up I will be going down the route of a floor mounted peddle box.Can somebody possible put me up a scymatic type drawing of the best senario for plumbing in the brake lines to include the upright hydralic & bias adjuster which will be mounted beside the handbrake I will be by the way still have fitted the origional handbrake for parking purposes only plus an MOT if I decide to put it on the road.