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Thread: Coolant flow for race engine

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    Question Coolant flow for race engine

    Just hoping that someone can advise me on this please?
    My race car has no heater and a non water cooled turbo so I blanked the outlets in the crossover pipe, head, header tank and water pump but have had problems bleeding the coolant system, question is what is the best way to resolve this? Fit take offs to both heads and return to the water pump? OR? How have other people plumbed the coolant system?

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    Blanking the flow will not be helping, if you just use a link pipe to replace the removed items (join the in/out pipes) that will restore the OEM flow paths.

    You can then look at this closer to see what is required for flow and what isnt.

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    Do not blank the heater route, water needs to flow there.

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