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Thread: MB Developments Big Announcement

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    MB Developments Big Announcement

    For all our customers/followers who arent on our fb pages we like to make this announcment

    ok guys and girls, I feel we owe a apology and explanation to our many customers and followers

    Over the last 9months or so we feel we not best served you we missed PMís or calls and at times delays replies and on listing cars or getting items out the door this isnít like us we like to think we offer the best customer service and always push to get items out the door straight away

    So why the sudden change? Itís not all bad news myself and my team as well as countless friends and family have all been working hard behind the scenes to make big changes here at MB.

    The start of the year I set a goal to change how we work here we are renown for great customer service and good quality used parts for many years serving 1000ís of customers around the world this has always been our backbone to the business but with ever changing times we want to offer more.

    So, we set about bring our current premises up to-date with our new plans and set about stripped the unit out of all its existing items and starting a fresh we spent countless hours grinding the floor to prep and re paint it fresh - re wire the whole unit electrics to suit our needs Built new mezzanine floors for more storage and a new office area and lounge area out the way.

    We painted the whole unit inside to give it a new look and have set aside an area for future plans.

    As well as this a new fabrication area has been set up and a new tool and work area for parts and parcels to be processed this makes our life so much nicer to work in now

    We have also heavily invested in a lot more tools/equipment to serve all needs

    This mammoth task for a such a small team even surprised us at the shear amount of work and really hit us hard we struggled to keep the day to day running and do the work needed itís been a big undertaking but so worthwhile now we can see what the hard work had been for.

    We have a long way to go we still have many plans that will continue to carry on in the background over the coming months but weíre now at a point where we can do the work needed and offer the parts and customer service we have been known for.

    During all this we managed to turn around a few nice cars for good customers/friends but the best part I think we left till last.

    My self being old school I genuinely miss the face to face interaction of years gone by of a performance shop There very little places that offer a walk in shop these days so we have set about bring that back here to MB we have created a shop area to show case a range of items as well as gives a chance to meet and chat to customers as well as advise that can be lost on a purely website only so we are very proud of this shop that isnít finished but itís getting there we are adding items constantly and adding stock to our stores as well.

    To compliment the shop we have been working tirelessly for 9months on our new website ( ) and parts range thanks to many years doing this we have meet and dealt with many great companies over the years and have secured 100+ quality suppliers that many we have tried and tested and are proud to offer here

    We are a long way off from having everything listed but we are adding new items nearly Daily and hope to able offer a part for every needed so would love for any new and Existing customer to check out our website give us some feedback good or bad and help us build this to become a great site to order your parts from and we hope if there anything you do need you go to the website and order our great range of items or contact directly for anything you not seen and we gladly help you out when we can

    I have gone on long enough, but I would like this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for continued support and being our customers and hopefully continue to do so for both new and used parts

    Thank you all


    Please give our new website and social media platforms a like and a follow

    CALL 0121 5263953
    WHATS APP/TXT 07785942237

    Fb shop
    Fb page

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    nice one Matty, good luck

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