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Thread: Any old members still about??

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    Today i shall mostly be twidling with my knobs
    It would be great to see you out again Dan.

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    Only come on here once in a blue moon now.

    Combination of things; I sold my last Subaru in 2014 (22B), and haven't seen anything second hand I want to replace it with that's similar. Most regular new-ish Subaru products I don't rate these days either, which leaves heavily modified cars as the only real option.

    And for that, there just isn't the traffic or cars for sale on here to keep drawing me back in like I used to (several times a day really). I mean, look at the cars for sale section today; the last post was from 2018!
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    Still here sporadically, with the same car I've had 15 years now.
    12.4s @ 105mph standing 1/4 mile. 329BHP - 289lb/ft

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    Still here and still the owner of a 22B, had it now nearly 14 yrs, don't come on here very often as it's so quiet.

    Cheers Wrighty...
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