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Thread: Rear newage 2 pot calipers - R on the Left, L on the Right

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    Rear newage 2 pot calipers - R on the Left, L on the Right

    so... something strange going on.

    Stripped the rear of the car a while back, and just got round to rebuilding (new bearings, cleaned hubs, new backing plates and rebuild (not split) calipers.

    I'd marked RR/RL on the parts.

    First issue was when I had RL written on the hub with R stamped on the back. Thought - must have had an off day, and made a mistake.

    So fitted the R backing plate to the R hub and fired in the new bearing, same with the Lefts.

    Got to mounting the newage 2 pot rear calipers (car is a R180 rear so these calipers fit directly to backing mount - no extra brackets).

    When the caliper with R stamped on rear ( i had it marked as the RR) is fitted to the R backing plate on the R hub (on the right/drivers side of the car) the bleed nipple is at the bottom.

    WTF is going on. Anyone come across this before?

    Ive swapped them round (calipers) and all seems well. Just strange....

    view of back of hub/backing plate


    L caliper on RHS of car

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    You probably marked things up backwards, you wouldn't be the first to do that.

    The caliper is mounted towards the rear of the hub centre line on the rear, and the bleed nipple is at the top, that's all there is too it.

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