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Thread: JDM 6 speed rebuild experience?

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    JDM 6 speed rebuild experience?

    I’ve been running a 6MT in my my00 for a long time now. The synchros need doing, but it also judders a lot when letting clutch out (unless you “drive it like you stole it” ). It has done this since I bought it second hand way, way back - I initially thought it was clutch or flywheel, but they have both been replaced since I fitted it and the issue persists.

    Does anyone have experience of rebuilding the 6MT? I assume synchros are readily available, but what other parts should be changed if doing a rebuild (and are they likely to be root cause of the juddering)?

    Many thanks, Richard

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    yes .. pretty easy to rebuild .. we stock new syncros .. and have a good selection of used gears and selectors ..

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