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Thread: EJ22 - 2.35 Short Engine 700 hp rated

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    EJ22 - 2.35 Short Engine 700 hp rated

    Built by Paul Finch and rated very highly by him, unused:

    EJ22 Block (supplied by RCM, was rated as very good condition by Paul Finch)
    97mm Bore Size
    14mm stud conversion
    Arrow Billet 79 Crankshaft
    Omega /RCM 2579 Pistons Zylan Skirting
    Carillo Carr Rods
    ACL Main Bearings
    Mahle Big End Bearings
    Killer B 3 piece pickup scrapper installed

    I have the spec sheet write up by Paul Finch. Paul is also happy to answer any technical questions directly.

    Price - 8,250

    Heads not included!
    Back in the beast.....

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