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Thread: EZ30D exhaust manifold input needed

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    EZ30D exhaust manifold input needed

    Experimenting here with EZ30D motor in a very light caged GC chassis with super short dog box

    right now the engine is pretty stock with the exception of intake and forged pistons, all controlled by Vipec

    Back in the day when we built high CR NA 2.5 with crazy cams, the cobb header that was on the car was causing the main restriction and it took us a while to figure that out, and fabricate different sets of headers before we hit the sweet spot and gained around 40hp

    since now we don't have the luxury of R&D, I am looking for input for the piping size and design for a free flowing non restrictive header for the NA EZ30D engine, if anybody has experience with it

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    unfortunately not many people would tune a n/a ez30d past fairly simple intake and exhaust mods-especially when even a low pressure turbo install could easily add another 100 bhp, space permitting of course...

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    pretty sure there is possibly an Australian company "raptor"?? that do various things for them from basic tuning to supercharger kits.........

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