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Thread: cam suggestions for ej2.35?

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    cam suggestions for ej2.35?

    does kelford make cams for ver3 heads at all? i cant find any

    basically i am trying to upgrade my cams and springs to something more aggressive.
    i currently have (based on the part nr on the cams) these 251 catcams:

    but, 2.5L 16v Turbo (1998 US model) cams on ver3? really?

    the car is entirely for street use, i am now making something 630hp with 2bar
    i dont have adjustable cam gears but i will get them with the new cams, im leaning on upgrading the ver3 heads than moving to the avcs heads, although the ecu could control them. which is wiser and what cams should i get? id like to have a fair spool and fair top end. 264? 272?

    problem is finding ver3 cams, there is much bigger market for the v5-v6

    ...or should i keep the current cams and get the adjustable vernier pulleys
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    I think you can find only from Jun,Hks,Lateral,Rcm.I have hks 264degree suitable for stock valvetrain for sale

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    we used to run JUN 264 cams back in the day when AVCS was not around, and they were simply incredible! no loss in spool, wider and higher powerband

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    Running rcm track on mine with heavy porting non avcs heads with a gt30. Picks up around 3500 revs.

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