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Thread: Got some BIG CAMS... Too excessive?!

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    Got some BIG CAMS... Too excessive?!


    i have just reassembled my Race car motor with some new heads and cams. In a nut shell its a strong EJ22 with a gtx3576.
    I had a "famous" workshop in this part of the world build me some v3 heads with "the best cams for my target". My goal is 400kw at the wheels and only revving to 7500rpm with less than 2 bar boost.

    The cams I have seem much different than anything off the shelf.
    I was curious if any cam guru may give some insight into the design/thought process when selecting a cam grind.

    My cams are
    Intake : Duration 238 degrees at 50 thou (286 degree total).
    Exh: Duration 238 degrees at 50 thou (289 degrees total).
    Peak lift is 0.408 inch

    valve overlap: 64 degrees or (14.4 degrees at 50 thou).

    I would love some insight in the idea behind the huge duration and why the exhaust side has a bit more total duration.

    I have not had the car on the dyno yet, only a brief startup since rebuild, Getting this car to idle is not easy!

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    You could have met those goals with standard cams.

    I'd say those will be slow to spool, gutless off boost and if only revving to 7500rpm be pretty pointless ?
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    Worth noting cars in NZ seem to make lower power for the same mods as elsewhere. Stock cams seem to tap out at 300wkw.

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