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Thread: Blow off valve. VTA or Delete?

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    Blow off valve. VTA or Delete?

    I have a Forge recirc BOV on the TMIC.
    The turbo is in the standard position, and we often have to remove the intake pipe to have the turbo inlet diameter checked
    I want to get rid of the BOV connection on the intake as it's the biggest pain in the arse to reconnect in a hurry.

    I think the simplest thing would be to allow the BOV just to vent to atmosphere, and fit an intake pipe with no connections
    Effectively delete the BOV by fitting the hardest spring and all the spacers.

    Can anyone advise on the pitfalls of either option.
    I still have a MAF, and am aware that some metered air escapes with VTA, but I'm guessing this means running a tad rich for a moment.

    Many thanks

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    I've been running without one on mine for 2 years 15000 miles.
    GTX35R at circa 600bhp

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