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13th June 2015, 12:15

13th June 2015, 18:27
Some good results for team 22b, unlucky Steven 0.1 doesnt quite cut it ;)

14th June 2015, 13:26
what was Steven driving??

14th June 2015, 13:44
Damien's legacy, made two stupid mistakes on last two runs. Thanks to Damien for the duel drive and entry, greatly appreciated. Having never driven Combe before and Damien's car for over a year, really happy with results.

14th June 2015, 18:40
makes more sense than me thinking there was yet another fast Leggy.........well done guys

15th June 2015, 11:47
It was such a great day out for me and Steven. Thanks to the organisers for running things so well.

15th June 2015, 16:47
It was a cracking day and good to see some old faces back out on track
trying to push in the wet scared the life out of me at first as I had no confidence in the car and Combe has always been a place I wasn't comfy with but buy the end of the day I had found my mojo and with the car and the track still and was giving it everything I had to try and catch the top runners but there was nothing left in me or the car but it's the most enjoyable time I had there yet for me my championship fight is over we don't have the power to keep up with the front runners in s1 and due to other commitments I won't make Teesside so The remaining rounds will be used to get as much seat time as possible
Thanks to stella Motorsport they have given me a car that handles so well it's given me so much confidence in the corners we will be back next year with hopefully and better package the series just keeps going from strength to strength it's a honer to be a part of it all the committee past and present should be proud of what they have achieved see you at blyton

16th June 2015, 13:28
Results and tables are now updated.

16th June 2015, 15:00
Get in, I'm not last :D