View Full Version : S2 can someone clear this for me

Little Dave
1st January 2015, 12:27
Hi all I'm going to start taking bits out of my car but reading the rules has fried my head how much can I lose
Rear seats ?
Sound deadening ?

Also I will be running a front mount but have bought a spec c front crash frame to make the front mount fit easily is this within rules or do I cut my standard one up. And following on from that do I still need to run with a 20kg load in the car?

With the turbo this will be standard fitment but could I turn the front housing to make running the boost pipe easier ?

With the front mount I was thinking of doing a rs500 intercooler would that stick me in s3 ?

Thanks hope you can help

MAD Hammer
1st January 2015, 12:38
You can do all bar rotating turbo housing and no balast required.

1st January 2015, 15:04
The ballast required refers to the under chassis U frame crash structure fitted to Newage cars. If that is deleted then you must carry the 20Kg ballast.

You cannot cut up the stock frame or any stock brackets as that gives a weight saving advantage. All OEM brackets should be retained on the shell in an S1 and S2 car. You can fit a Spec C U frame in place of the none Spec C item if you wish.

When fitting a FMIC you can modify the beam behind the bumper to enable the installation.