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1st May 2014, 12:38

The 3rd round of the 2014 Pace Ward MLR Sprint Series takes place on Saturday 31st May at Blyton Park, Lincolnshire.

The 2nd round of the GTROC/Porsche 964 Sprint Series follows on Sunday 1st June (see more details below)

The Course:
For 2014 we'll be using the new Eastern Circuit which features a new twistier layout through the infield, and therefore a lot more involving and entertaining for the drivers (and the passengers and spectators too!)

http://www.lancerregister.com/mlr_images/forum/eastern circuit small.jpg

The Cars:

Upto 40 Evos across four MLR classes
Upto 25 Imprezas across three 22B classes
Upto 5 Guest cars
The Runners List will be posted shortly


To remind yourselves of the Rules, Regs and Classes, click here (http://www.lancerregister.com/showthread.php?t=469482)
Noise limit is 105 dBA static / 95dBA @ 20 metres. Noise will be monitored throughout the day and cars tested if necessary. Any cars that fail will be able to make changes and rerun
All bookings will receive a PDF info pack via email the week before the event
Call Pace Ward for any insurance queries on 01782 286311

Blyton Park Sprint Timetable:

08:00 - Registration
08:45 - Driver Briefing
09:00 - Sighting lap
09:15 - Practice runs start
09:00 to 12:00 - Class Check
12:00 - Lunch
12:30 - First Timed Runs start
17:00 - Event closes and trophies awarded

Trophies and Points Table:

Trophies for the top 3 drivers from each MLR class on the day will be presented after the final run

Each of the Class Leaderboards will be updated asap after the event


On a first come first served basis
If this is your first Sprint in 2014, there's a Registration Fee of 10 which goes into the Drivers Fund
Please visit the MLR Shop (http://www.lancerregister.com/store_category.php?id=18) or call us on 08451 25 26 23.
Places cost 129 for the day. Balance payments are now due so please contact Chell asap
Please see MLR's Cancellation Policy here (http://www.lancerregister.com/showthread.php?t=135902)


Camping is allowed on Friday and Saturday night
Arrival after 5pm Friday
Price 10 per night per tent / caravan / Winnebago payable on arrival in the Circuit Office
Hot meals will be available in the restaurant on Saturday night if there are sufficient orders - please contact the circuit to book: 01427 628922
BBQs are allowed, but no open fires
ALL noise must stop at midnight at the latest
All rubbish must be tidied up before leaving the circuit

Additional Info:

Passengers can register on the day (front seat only) for a nominal charge of 10
Spectators are welcome
The Restaurant will be open throughout the day for breakfast and dinner and snacks
No dogs or animals are allowed in the venue at anytime

GTROC / Porsche 964 Sprint - Sunday 1st June:

As this is a new sprint for the GTRs and 964s there are likely to be places available if any MLR or 22B drivers wish to take part
All competitors who drove on Saturday will be able to book Sunday for 99
Points awarded on Sunday will not be included in the 2014 MLRSS Class tables

1st May 2014, 16:56
That looks interesting the brakes will be getting a good work out :biggrinjester:

Matt R
1st May 2014, 17:34
That does look fun. What a bad time to be sitting it out :(

1st May 2014, 19:02
Will they be running the eastern circuit on the Sunday or the outer?

1st May 2014, 20:00
Sat will be eastern circuit

1st May 2014, 21:11
Does it run clockwise or anti clockwise? Where is the finish line?

1st May 2014, 21:42
Anti clockwise, with the finish just after port vite I should think.

2nd May 2014, 16:28
I would of thought the finish line would be just after ushers and the start being where it always is? as there is only one place for all the cars to park

2nd May 2014, 16:52
Can't see the finish line being after ushers just for safety reasons alone ...

Anyone thinking of doing the Sunday ?

2nd May 2014, 17:30
Looks a good circuit. But a can't make this round. Am sure all will have fun

2nd May 2014, 17:50
Can't see the finish line being after ushers just for safety reasons alone ...

Anyone thinking of doing the Sunday ?

You're right. If the finish was after ushers you risk someone losing it and heading over the infield towards someone coming the other way.

I was considering doing Sunday if they are running the outer circuit so it's a different experience to the Saturday.

2nd May 2014, 18:19
Can't see the finish line being after ushers just for safety reasons alone ...

Anyone thinking of doing the Sunday ?

I would do the sunday but it wouldn't be in the impreza, I need to find a safe sideways limit on the big barge :D

MAD Hammer
2nd May 2014, 20:39
Just fix your car, looked sad when I saw it yesterday :(

2nd May 2014, 21:36
I'd expect the finish to be at the dot for port vite, as it was last year.

3rd May 2014, 10:50
At least last years fast line throught Port Vite is official now :D

3rd May 2014, 14:56
Just fix your car, looked sad when I saw it yesterday :(

I'm sick of fixing it Clive and the power its running its going to be breaking things more offten?

3rd May 2014, 15:07

Looking forward to this,
And I am going to book on for Sunday too,


5th May 2014, 14:05
Just read why....

5th May 2014, 18:59
For gtr and porche sprint on the Sunday run by mlr

5th May 2014, 19:47
prefer the bigger turn and long straight me self stretch the legs bez