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24th November 2013, 20:50
1- Can I use STi injectors in my WRX in S1?
A - Classic can use any OEM classic injector and newage can use any OE newage injector.
2 - Can I fit a 2010 hatch turbo to my 93 WRX in S1?
A - Any OEM Impreza turbo may be fitted to any model with the exception of twin scroll on newage only
3 - Can I modify my OEM turbo in S1?
A - Hybriding, porting or fitment of billet wheels is prohibited, higher pressure actuators are prohibited.
4 - Can I fit a fuel swirl pot in S1?
A - No additional tanks, pumps or injectors are permitted.
5 - Can I fit an STi6 gearbox in my WRX in S1?
A - Classics can use any OEM 5speed and newage any OEM 6speed.
6 - Can I fit a smaller alloy radiator in S1?
A - Any OEM size radiator is allowed, smaller than OEM radiators are not permitted.
7 - Can we use octane booster and will you be testing fuel in S1?
A Yes and Yes. A 20ltr can of V-power will be available at each event and may be exchanged with 20 litres from your tank at any time during the competition. You may use a commercially available Octane Booster such as NF or Millers.
8 - Can I fit poly bushes in S1?
A - Yes
9 Can I install a supplementary fuel tank in S2?
A Yes, External to the OEM fuel tank swirl pots and secondary fuel tanks/cells may be installed. These must be mounted in a safe manner and must be behind a bulkhead to isolate them from the cockpit. The OEM fuel tank must still be installed in the car. No changes to the bodyshell are allowed to accommodate the second fuel tank. Any breathers for the supplementary fuel tank must exit outside of the body shell with a fully functioning roll over valve installed in the breather line.
10 - My S3 car doesn't have an MOT or and MSA Log book, how can i compete?
A - Obtain an MOT or and MSA Log book
11 - Can i run an ESL Daughter board in S1
A - Yes
12 - a FMIC is allowed in S1 and S2, all commercially available kits modify or replace the OEM crash bar behind the bumper, yet removal of crash structures is not permitted. What is the ruling when a FMIC is installed?
A - The front bumper crash protection bar may be modified, removed or replaced with an intercooler mount only when a FMIC is fitted.
13 - Can I use a normally aspirated derived model to compete in S1?
A - No retrofitting turbos to originally N/A cars will be permitted in S1 (We could have someone turbo a CDB 2.2 leggy and that could be quite potent) They may however still be run as N/A, including 2.5 RS, H4/H6 leggy and SVX
14 - Are rear mounted Radiators legal in any class
A - S3 Class only
15 - My bolt in cage also bolts to the b pillars. If the bolts are removed so it reverts to 6 point will you accept it for s1?
A - Yes, so long as there are only 6 contact points used for the cage to the body shell.
16 - Do we have to supply and fit the boost gauge used in S1?
A - No, the boost gauge will be supplied and installed by the scrutineer on the day of the event.
17 - Are carbon door cards allowed in S3 so long as the can withstand an arm flying into them ?
A- Yes
18 - In S2, what exactly comprises a full dash, i.e. is it just the upper dash above the heater controls or does this include the glove box, lower centre console (heater switches and stereo etc), heater matrix?
A - The idea is to have a full dash assembly in S2. So you must retain the entire dash, including the centre console that holds the switch panel. You may remove the cover assembly over the tunnel that covers the handbrake and gear lever assembly. Heater matrix must be retained. The crash beam that resides behind the dash must be retained.
19 - Do the seats and harnesses have to be in date as per the FIA date stamps attached?
A - No, they must be in a safe condition. If there is any signs of damage to the safety aspect of the seat or harness then you will not be permitted to compete.
20 - Does a Subaru warranty short engine rebuild put you S2?
A - A factory spec overbore bore size is acceptable in S1 class.
21 - Can we change to uprated rods and internals in S1?
A - No, only none OEM pistons and gaskets may be used.
22 - Can a Classic use a Twin Scroll Turbo in S2?
A Yes, so long as it is mounted in the standard Subaru position, with Subaru spec flanges. You may change the sump and headers to accommodate this.
23 - Can I use a Syvecs or equivalent ECU in S1?
A - No
24 - Can I use an external wastegated standard position turbo in S2?
A - No
25 - The tyre rules for S1 specify that they cannot be changed during an event unless they are punctured etc. Just to clarify, will this mean that we are unable to swap in the event of rain, or should we use a tyre suitable for all conditions?
A - In the event of bad weather conditions, we will allow you to swap the tyre set back to the set you arrived at the event on, provided these are OEM or List 1A tyres only
26 - My Bugeye Spec C Newage engine cross member has no pick up point for a crash frame, so if i have to carry 20kg ballast can I up grade to an MY05 on engine cross member that has better bracing and steering rack points.
A - Yes
27 - In S1, can we fit a TY752 casing in a Version 5 shell?
A - Any Classic gearbox may be installed a Classic.
28 - Can we change from a ODB to a CDB on a Version 5 car used in S1?
A - No
29 - When a bulkhead between the fuel system and cabin is required, can the holes in the bulkhead be covered up with plates that are riveted on or dose it need to be welded?
A - Riveted is OK so long as it's sealed properly with a mastic or similar and will pass no fluids.
30 - Can a v1 classic run v3 heads in S1?
A - Yes
31 - Can we use a prototype or none production car as a basis for a sprint car.
A - No
32 - Can a none Subaru shelled car with Subaru running gear enter the series?
A - No
33 - Is the 22B model a production car and able to enter S1/S2 class?
A - Yes, special body shell, wheel and suspension track rules listed above apply to this model.
34 - Can I fit an oil catch can to an S1 car?
A - Yes
35 - Can I install ARB solid drop links to an S1 car?
A - Yes
36 - Can I install a Whiteline roll centre/bumpsteer kit to an S1 car?
A - Yes
37 - Can I use a TD05 18G in S1?
A - No, only OEM spec TD05 turbos may be used in S1.
38 - Can I fit a restrictor to a none OEM spec turbo and use that in S1?
A - No
39 - If I need to carry ballast in the car, will the organisers supply this?
A - No, it is the competitors responsibility to supply and install the ballast securely to the car. The ballast must be mounted in such a way it may be removed to enable the weight to be checked during scrutineering.
40 - Can I install an none OEM pedal box assembly to an S1 car?
A - No
41 - Can we use a S D Motorsport Rear Diff Lock plate in S1?
A - Yes
42 - If we have steel doors that have had the inside cut out, can we put a U channel around so edge is covered ?
A - No, a full panel is required to provide protection from injury.
43 - If you sample my fuel in s1, is a Ron of over 100 still legal as long as it's just an allowed pump fuel and a commercially acceptable additive that are in the tank?
A - Yes, so long as you used a base fuel from a major high street forecourt retailer that is less than 100RON and you used a commercially available octane booster such as NF or Millers. Using any race fuel, methanol or other additives other than stated to increase the fuel octane is not permitted in S1.

24th November 2013, 20:50
44 - Can standard fit turbos be used with clocked housings in s2 ?
A - No, you may only use the standard location and orientation of the turbo and it's housings for S2 (and S1).
45 - I have a bug Sec C / RA with out the crash beam lugs on my engine subframe. Can my ballast be made up with extra bracing and other parts that i doin't have to run is S2.
A - No
46 - Are lower h-braces allowed in s1
A - Front and rear bolt-on strut top braces are allowed in S1. The only underbrace allowed is the rear diff, rear support bar.
47 - Can I run with no passenger seat for 2014
A- No passenger seat required in S3, as per 2013.
48 - Do I have to have a dash in s3 ?
A - For S3 the dash needs to be OEM or OEM replica, top part, full width.
49 - Is a Cusco bar enabling fitment of an OEM Hawkeye rear diffuser to a classic allowed?
A - Fitment of an aero aid from a Newage to a Classic is not permitted, so the fitment of this bar is not allowed.
50 - Excepting a harness bar or bolt in cage, may we install any extra internal bracing to a shell in S1 or S2?
A - No
51 - Where do you measure the width of the front and rear wings for S1 and S2?
A - At the centre line of the axles, see the diagram at http://bbs.22b.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=836&d=1384810083
52 - If I manipulate my arches within the above tolerances, will it still be o.k to run the same offset wheels which are et30 ?
A -The idea is to have a stock looking shell, in class S1 and S2. To police this practically we have given the factory dimensions, then given 1% leeway on top to allow for measuring tolerances and minor body damage. Having arches that are pulled out of shape and that don't now fit the shell properly (rooferman front arches not fitting near the door in 2013 for example) will not be allowed. Some arch modifications for minor clearance inside the arch will be accepted. The rules does not limit wheel track, so if you were running a lot of camber for example, you could have the base of the wheel outside the arch profile when looking from above, but the top of the wheel and tyre must be inside the arches.
53 - Will a parachute mount at the rear be acceptable?
A - Yes, so long as the parachute isn't present during runs.
54 - Can I modify a 90 degree elbow OEM turbo to front entry and use that in S1?
A - No
55 - Can I use adjustable rear arms in S1
A - No must be fixed non spherical
56 - Can I use a brake bias adjuster in S1
A - No

The above rules are to be interpreted as follows: IF IT ISNT WRITTEN IN THE RULES, THEN YOU CAN NOT DO IT!

No PM’s or Emails will be accepted from competitors with reference to any queries on the rules. Any Queries must be discussed publicly in the Forum section of 22B.com dedicated to the 22B Sprint series.

Any questions raised will be discussed by the committee before an answer is given, so don't expect a quick response!

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