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Andy Peanuts
21st January 2005, 09:24
same routine as the last group buy on Scoobynet.
same supplier and shipper, details from Mark so would hope it would run as smoothly as the last one.
thought I'd offer it here before being messed about on scoobynet.
we need five in total, but I already have two (ie three left)

1. reserved
2. reserved

21st January 2005, 10:05
Will you be intending to defra, sorry, dodge customs?

Andrew Carr
21st January 2005, 11:11
Will there be any gaskets included?


21st January 2005, 11:21
Is there room for a stuffed pheasant to be included?

21st January 2005, 11:22
have you thought of trying mark aigin for a group price.

Last time Mark A did a group buy, iirc the price had hardly anything in it but stock was already in the country.

Andrew Carr
21st January 2005, 11:40
Originally posted by Pavlo:
Is there room for a stuffed pheasant to be included? Lol...

21st January 2005, 11:50
constant vigilance!

Andy Peanuts
21st January 2005, 13:18
yes, have contacted Mark.
will be running same as last time it is hoped.
will be trying to get it as cheap as possible, everybody got a birthday due soon?
there will be room for 12kg's of marching dus, sorry stuffed peasants.
I believe the gaskets were included in the price, yes.

21st January 2005, 13:24

mark a is the guy who did the gruop buy from the states last time. Mark aigin is a different person who runs lateral performance and from what I recall is worth trying if that is the price you want to bring them in for on a group buy.

in short Mark A is not Mark Aigin.

Lateral Performance 020 8420 5444

Andy Peanuts
21st January 2005, 13:32

somebody tell Jim Henson, one of his muppets is out!
I did assume that A was a shortened version of Aigin.
will call Lateral now and enquire.

21st January 2005, 14:51
Mark imports them in hidden in boxes of chinese tea

Andy Peanuts
21st January 2005, 14:59
any chance of one in colombian cocoa?

21st January 2005, 15:23
apparently the cocoa stains the alley, while the tea just gives it a luvely aroma.

Andy Peanuts
21st January 2005, 16:30
here endeth the group buy methinks.
have decided Im probably going to just buy one anyway, unless I get a massive reduction in having one shipped over from the states

21st January 2005, 17:50
Lol.. have you just got a price from lateral :D

21st January 2005, 20:29
I wouldn't bother with the US gasket set!!
Most are useless as they are for the 2.5 block and heads.

Just get the head gaskets from Lateral and order the rest as you need them ;) (Mark can probably get these or use your dealer)

Andy Peanuts
22nd January 2005, 07:48
yeah, I got the price from Mark. :D
it would be cheaper certainly to bring one in myself but for:

technical assistance on hand
maybe a bit of discount on gaskets Mark? ;)
in stock
no currency conversions etc

makes it a no brainer for me, that and the fact we spent over an hour chewing the fat on options/advice etc without a hint of rushing away.
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