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14th April 2004, 17:35
Anyone interested from here or shall i stick it up on scoobynet/ebay?

Price looks to be 1500 including delivery which im double checking.

I believe its a UK 6speed gearbox with the rear diff.

14th April 2004, 22:59

Me please,
have just over a thousand saved, should be able to "ahem" find the rest...

Muuuumm get yr purse out. :D

Tell me more first though....
who and where from ?
what's it out of?
Why's it out of it ?

Why me, I hear you ask......
I think Iv'e found the problem with mine.. :(


[ 15. April 2004, 12:29 AM: Message edited by: Fuzz ]

15th April 2004, 10:24
Money - YHM (and a PM!)

15th April 2004, 12:06
sod off :D ;)

15th April 2004, 20:15
Lol at Fuzz!

Its from a breakers i use. The got my 6speed and i told them to look out for another one as knew a few people are on the look out

Its out of a UK scoob - dont know the year. The reason i think its out is its a stolen recovered scoob. gearbox is absolutely fine.

its out cause i told him to sell me the 6speed and sell the rest of the car to someone else. lol. And not to sell the 6speed with the car. :D

15th April 2004, 20:52
Just spoke to guy.

Its 1500 included delivery for:

6speed Uk gearbox
Rear Diff
gear Linkage

So complete

If you wanted everything but not the diff, its 1300

15th April 2004, 23:07
OK I want it, gis address phone No or whatever,

Wahoo, scoob is gonna be back on road soon...

Cheers Money


16th April 2004, 09:48
Ig you dont want the diff (as you need hubs) and shafts etc then I could be interested in that part.

Mr J
16th April 2004, 15:20
Well I don't think I would need the diff for my euro spec MY99...so David can buy the diff and
I can buy the rest of the parts and get it to work.. right ..

if would be OK to shiip it to Sweden...I would pay for the shipping of course..?


16th April 2004, 16:01
Unless there is a kind company out there that would take a credit card transaction from me and forward the redies on to Money, then I've lost the option on this box.. :(
(I can't do a cash withdrawl on my card)

F**K !


16th April 2004, 16:44
Most banks can do such a transaction. It is not unlike a balance transfer actually, and balance transfer rates can also apply.

16th April 2004, 17:08
Fuzz, all sorted now. Provisionally sold to Fuzz :D

David, have you fitted the 6speed in yours using normal wrx diff at mo then?

So if you need diff - you need hubs and shafts?

The guy had another 6speed which he sold but i dont think he sold the shafts and hubs so can find out. is that all you need?

16th April 2004, 17:47
Im after a r180 rear diffs, hubs, shafts. etc.

let me know.


16th April 2004, 18:12
Is the R180 rear diff with the UK 6speeder

Hubs and shafts shouldnt be a problem - whats etc? This guy you need to give him an exact list! Lol

Also has some gold brembos front and most likely rear inc discs,pads and calipers

17th April 2004, 17:20
As Money rightly said, All sold to me..... once I can work out this paypal doojemy watsit !



Mr J
17th April 2004, 18:11
Well if you don't get the cash, I buy the box instead ;) :D


17th April 2004, 18:27

Hubs as in the rusty bits that the suspension bolts to.. and the hub is part of it.. (NOT THE CAR END!)

Rear differential x1 (only if its an r180 from a uk sti.. )
Rear driveshafts x2
Rear Hubs x2

Make sense??

PM me for my phone number if it doesnt.


17th April 2004, 22:36
250 sent to Money as a sweetner / deposit / don't fooking sell it to anyone else ;) :D

Now have to wait a week before I can up the limit on me paypal account. :(


18th April 2004, 08:42
Arrrggggggggg Stop It!!!!! ;) tongue.gif :D

I had the cash to hand and you beat me too it, ah well next time ;)

18th April 2004, 11:59
lol at Fuzz!

David, good stuff. Should find out in the week

26th April 2004, 23:19
<Ahhh, puts feet up and awaits delivery.>
All paid for fella. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


27th April 2004, 17:00
anyone know if it would be a suretrac rear diff?

because if so I might consider buying it! plus the CW and P would be useful too!

Are the new and old R180 housings the same, what about the driveshafts?

Is it going to be 200?

Can frank find out for me?

find out in the next gruelling posts on THIS THREAD!

27th April 2004, 17:24
why would you want a suretrack rear diff? Plated works much better with the DCCD setup.

27th April 2004, 22:03
lol, i havent got a clue. A diff is a diff to me. lol

But when Andy gets it, he can post up pics and then you guys might be able to tell?

28th April 2004, 11:46
any idea when that will be fella ?
have you recieved funds ok ?

will be pleased to "take the lid off" and take pics of both front and rear for anyone..

Need to be sure in my own mind I'm not going to lunch this box because of a wrongly specced diff ala Harvey !!


28th April 2004, 12:28
Checked funds yesterday but nothing so hoping today.

Told the guy to get 6speed ready and send it away so should be ready this week :D :D

Will email you when its being sent to yours :D

28th April 2004, 13:57

have you driven a dccd with a suretrac rear diff?

28th April 2004, 16:24
No, Subaru dont make a car with that setup.

Just based on what i know about how diferent diffs feel it would be a backwards step for the car IMHO, the last thing you need when lifting a rear wheel is a suretrack diff. Subaru are starting to phase out the suretrack diffs anyway and replacing them with more conventional gear type diffs up front.

28th April 2004, 17:12
didnt know that john, thats very interesting.

Thats all very well for the front but no one has ever been able to explain how the handling is affected by having a progressive lock up on the rear. I know its not a quiafe but was hoping it might be closer to the characteristics of a quaife than an aggressive plated r180.

28th April 2004, 17:59
it's not common knowledge about the diffs yet Adam. You have to use diferent diff charicteristics front/rear to make the chassis work well, plated is the best by far in the rear IMHO and to be honest i dont think it is overly agresive in its standard state of tune as fitted to the Impreza range.

If you read the spec sheet for the WR1 on Subaru UK's website they say that it has a suretrack rear diff. Thats wrong, it doesnt, it's the same as all the other DCCD-A cars having a plated rear diff.

29th April 2004, 07:10
I was always planning to consider these things once I have found out what I dont like about the cars handling with the other engine in.

There were things I would have changed before I did any mods way back.

I have already made up my mind on the AST kit though as I haven't read a bad word against them and their affect on the ride, handling, braking or grip.