15th November 2007, 11:08
Hi guys I'm trying to organise a Skid pan day at Rockingham just for Subarus (Mods This is not a Buisness and I'm not trying to make any money) see what you think ;)

Rockingham have a Day free Sunday 24th Febuary and I have it penciled in BUT WILL ONLY BE COMFIRMED ONCE FULL PAYMENT MADE!!

Here is a little taster from V8VOODOO


I've spoke to Rockingham and there are sending me some more details.

Basically running there first Skid pan day there this Sunday so after that will know how the Format went extra. It will be run on the same day as a Trackday

The format they wil use is morning and a afternoon session, with 3 groups of cars and 15 cars in morning and 15 in afternoon 30 cars in total about the max Cars (but you could do both sessions if you wish)

The less there is in the group the more time you have but does cost more

The Skidpan comes with 2 instructors and areahire is 2000+Vat so costs approximately(before the flyboys with calculators start) any change i'll buy the coffees

2 sessions of 15 cars 85 each session

2 sessions of 12 cars 100 each session

2 sessions of 9 cars 135 each session

Obviously double the cost if you do both sessions

The Facillities look brilliant


Ps I cannot fork out 2350 for the hire on a whim for someones fantasy. I will need peeps to pay up front so I can Fully book it up, without that comitment, this event will not happen. I am not making money at this. The little on top will cover Pay pal cost or Drop outs

Anyone who has paid and has to drop out, I hopefully will have a Reserve list to sell it to but cannot be guaranty you will then have to sell the place yourself ;)

Sign on here http://forums.sidc.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=108575



OR e-MAIL ME AT t5nyw@homecall.co.uk

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