View Full Version : Knockhill- Saturday 11th November. 9am to 1pm 70

13th October 2006, 13:21
From the responses so far, it looks like it is just about viable to run the track event on the 11th November, so I've confirmed it with Knockhill smile.gif

Sorry to disappoint those of you who could only make the 9th December, but there was simply not enough positive responses (about 10 in total) to make it viable, compared to almost 30 for the 11th.

I've asked the guys to add it into our club shop at:


and it will hopefully appear over the next day or two.

Some of you have reported problems using the club shop recently, which we've tracked down to the pop-up blocker. When buying on-line at our shop, if you disable the pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer, you should be able to complete the purchase successfully.

The price will be 70 for SIDC/MLR members, and 75 for non-members.

Best Regards