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Old Trout
12th September 2006, 10:53
The next main trackday at Cadwell is 29th Oct.

Open pitlane, 42 cars in the Paddock, 159GBP. Noise limit is theoretically 105db, but not strict from what I can tell. If a few people are interested I will see if I can get a discount.

Post here if you want to go.

Trout smile.gif

12th September 2006, 12:14
I need to check on work, but this might be one i can do. It's years since i drove at Cadwell, it's a brilliant circuit.

12th September 2006, 12:22
Will see, its Emma's birthday on the 30th, so dont know what we are doing that weekend as yet.

Andrew Carr
12th September 2006, 14:33
I think you're treating her to a weekend away in the rolling Lincolnshire countryside...

Old Trout
12th September 2006, 19:53

Roll up, roll up, get your trackday here :D

29th September 2006, 15:43
Discount available here, £135:



11th October 2006, 21:34
This still going ahead and available?

11th October 2006, 23:05
I hope so, I've paid!

12th October 2006, 08:43
Might have to pop along smile.gif

13th October 2006, 15:43
How late could I book this? Reason being my car needs to have remap after a few items have been changed, and I dont know which particular day in this month I will be able to get it mapped

13th October 2006, 19:27
how do i book, neither thread tells me?

Alan H
13th October 2006, 22:26
There you go John, hope to see you there. You can show me what your old bus can do !!!



13th October 2006, 22:55
Hi Alan, would that be my current old bus or my old old bus? :D

How do i get to book with the discount?

Alan H
13th October 2006, 22:58
Your old old bus, still going strong

13th October 2006, 23:03
Hmmm, I enjoyed it a lot so it may be do-able. How do I get the discount?


13th October 2006, 23:12
Should be fun comparing the two. :D I sold you a good one Alan. ;) The current one is getting there now too. smile.gif

16th October 2006, 09:58
I still dont know how to book this at the discounted rate?

16th October 2006, 10:10

17th October 2006, 13:11
:confused: :confused:

17th October 2006, 13:24
Dont know whether i can be arsed now. Might go watch!

17th October 2006, 15:52
Thats my plan..

17th October 2006, 17:32
Info is now on the bigpower thread.

Please send me a cheque for £135 made out to Circuit Days Ltd and post it to

Stuart Staples
1 High Street
NR17 2EH

I will forward the cheque to Chris and ensure your place is reserved.



20th October 2006, 14:55
Looking forward to it John. I will have to make sure the seat can be adjusted far enough back for you ;)

20th October 2006, 15:01
David, fancy sharing costs of the MG?

20th October 2006, 19:20
Sounds good to me Paul. :D

I just replaced the front disks today, which were cracked following my few laps at the 'ring, so it should be interesting to see how long the new disks last (painted them with temp paint, i expect them to be off the scale though. redface.gif )

I should have my new Yokohama 048R's on tuesday too, which should be a big improvement over the current knackered Toyo T1R's. Hopefully i get time to setup the geometry as it's toeing out at the rear right now, which makes the fast stuff a bit "interesting" :D

Old Trout
25th October 2006, 21:38
Disappointed I will miss this now having planned to be there.

Too much on at the weekend with family.

I hope you guys have a great day smile.gif

25th October 2006, 22:28
That's a shame, i was looking forward to seeing your car perform on track.

Thinking about booking a B&B locally so i dont have to get up at stupid o'clock.

Isn't it 1am this sunday morning that the clocks go back?

26th October 2006, 06:52

26th October 2006, 07:38
John/Paul if i make it down, any chance of some passenger laps?


26th October 2006, 17:33
yes, of course!

Honestly I will not be going hell for leather. I would like John to drive the car too, and you may prefer to go out as a pax with him driving.

26th October 2006, 18:43
Of course Steven, it will be a pleasure, It's boring on your own anyway. ;)

Looking forward to it Paul, the car has come a long way since i was last in there. smile.gif

Duncan Graham
27th October 2006, 12:22
really looking forward to my first time at Cadwell smile.gif

just about to give the car the last once over to check all in order and no bugs in the system

28th October 2006, 21:32
Does everyone keep their 'foot in' at the rise just after the circuit exit? For transmission preservation I lift (pussy, I know).


28th October 2006, 23:16
I used to keep it nailed in the westfield, that left cracking tyre marks whist it went up the track sideways with the back wheels spinning. :D

Dont know what i'll do in the Impreza yet. ;)

29th October 2006, 19:08
2 words


29th October 2006, 20:06
Few more words now :D

Massive thanks to John for allowing me to be his passenger for pretty much every lap in his car. Really excellent, and very informative.

Huge thanks to Paul, who despite not being able to drive due to a technicality ;) , once he had calmed down, allowed John to drive his car, with me having 2 passenger lap sessions too. Again, very interesting, very different and very informative.

Cheers Guys, really appreciated. Will return the favour soon.


29th October 2006, 20:16
One word...Licence?

If so been there myself :(

29th October 2006, 20:21
No, not license per say, just not enough of the license, or the wrong bit, or something. It's all very technical I was led to believe.

29th October 2006, 21:27
Ah the flappy paper bit that everyone forgets they own. Bit of a bummer that.

29th October 2006, 21:31
tother bit

29th October 2006, 23:20
What the photo bit that serves no purpose without the paper bit as it's not a licence...bloody stoopid photo licences :mad:

29th October 2006, 23:40
Kept it nailed Floyd. :D

Had a great day today, it was the first time i felt like i was driving my Impreza properly, i've finaly got the car how i like it and feel like i've blown the cobwebs off myself now. :D

It was a real shame Paul wasnt able to drive, but i think some very useful progress was made in improving the cars handling, it ended the day with a lot more grip and balance than it started with more to come with a few small changes to the setup. It was a lot of fun to experience some proper power/weight on a great circuit, Cadwell is brilliant, just dont go off there. :eek: :D Thanks for the drive Paul, it was really enjoyable.

Glad you had fun Steven, thats more my cup of tea than the short sprint stuff, it gives more chance to build the speed up and start to learn the car properly, it was up there with the quickest by the end of the day. :D

Great to see Alan with my old RA on track too, still looking mint, i sold it to the right man. :D

30th October 2006, 08:03
Originally posted by Slooby:
What the photo bit that serves no purpose without the paper bit as it's not a licence...bloody stoopid photo licences :mad: the photo bit states what your entitled to drive

Duncan Graham
30th October 2006, 08:04
John - good to put a face to a name yesterday.

As John has said, a fantastic circuit and a great place for handling testing and experimentation.

And Floyd ... foot flat down in third and spinning over the mountain :D

30th October 2006, 08:07
it was good fun John, seeing how you became quicker and quicker as the day went by.

Going out in your old car with Alan highlighted the difference between tyres. Alan would take the gooseneck in 3rd, whereas you were in 4th.

The RA box is perfect for that kind of stuff, a UK boxed car with your power, wouldnt feel right there, whereas Pauls car made up for the taller gearing with the power.

30th October 2006, 09:46
It's definitely a circuit for the brave! I kept my foot in sometimes but the climbing revs and odd sounds made me lift slightly towards the end of the day when I went last time. The left at the end of the start finish straight was one corner I hadn’t really nailed though. I over broke to start with and then less and less braking, much deeper towards the end but I never really ‘let go’ and trusted the car. I think it was something to do with the hard looking trees in the distance :eek: ;)

Anyone get horrid lag on the second gear hairpin @ ‘barn?’?

Post your times here!


Duncan Graham
30th October 2006, 09:52
Lag no - but 2.5 engine power band is lower down and gearing shorter in 3rd and 4th than previous model years iirc.

Timed lap from spectator was 1.45 - no idea whether that is good or not.

30th October 2006, 12:23
IIRC my video timed lap was IRO 1:48 so you did better than me. I'll have to check back through the threads on it.

Excuses: Lots of traffic, lag, high ambients in summer, lag, heat soak, lifting at the mountain (pussy mode), watching EVO's and Ultimas crash everywhere blah blah blah ;) :D

Were there any incidents?


Duncan Graham
30th October 2006, 12:27
A few :

1 - Green Classic Subaru into the barrier first thing in the morning despite warnings in the briefing about it being very slippery - closed the track for barrier repairs and recovery

2 - White Sierra with blown engine dumping oil over the track through coppice and resulting cars falling off the road - dont think any were damaged though. Again closed for surface repair.

Other than that only a few miscalculations by people that I could see with overshoots into corners.

Gerry H
30th October 2006, 13:35
I'm with pussy Floyd on the mountain. Nearly lost it during an instructor session and there's about 10 foot of runoff, on either side, before the armco :eek:

Nice to meet John & Steven smile.gif

30th October 2006, 13:39
Just looked back at my times and I was 1:52 so your time was much better than me and I didin't hang about. The only cars to pass me were a mental Caterfield thingy and the 'lap u' Exige.

Perhaps I need some JF tuition??? :D


Duncan Graham
30th October 2006, 14:25
What car were you in Floyd - was it this one behind me?

30th October 2006, 14:44
Great to meet some more of you yesterday. Really sorry to hear of the license situation Paul.

Originally posted by Gerry H:
I'm with pussy Floyd on the mountain. Nearly lost it during an instructor session and there's about 10 foot of runoff, on either side, before the armco :eek: Hehe, wheelying a bike over there you have to make sure you're pointing right-ish, or you're straight onto the grass on the LHS!

Shame the insurers are specifying no-laptiming to trackday organisers these days. Subjective feel can be really misleading. I managed 1:51 on a clear lap chasing John when he had traffic, a full 4sec faster than before lunch, but it didn't feel that much faster. Main difference was more commitment through Coppice (the fast uphill lefthander), using all the track flat-in-4th out of Charlies 2 (onto Park straight), and flat-in-4th round Chris curve (long narrow righthander before the gooseneck). WRX gearing, standard 260ps engine.

Had to use my well-worn 17" T1S in the end, which worked ok for the first half dozen laps.

Really enjoyed taking the car round a characterful circuit that I know on the bike. Want to do Oulton now...


Old Trout
30th October 2006, 15:34
Sounds like a great day out - real shame I could not make it. I hope to be at the next one in mid-November.

1.45 is an excellent time. My best was 1.53 and whilst I could see a couple of areas where I could get better times it was slow coming. I have video of a race prepped Radical S3 at Cadwell in a race doing 1.38 - so mid to low 1.40s for a Scoob is a very good time. Be interested to see what Johns times were.

My excuse is that I don't like tracks in three dimensions as I am a rubbish driver ;) (good on flat tracks though ;) )

Trout :D

Duncan Graham
30th October 2006, 15:41

will see you at Snetterton then in the new year :D - we will be organising a open pitlane day there then ;)

Old Trout
30th October 2006, 15:46
What is your car - Sti? Spec C? Power? smile.gif

I like it even flatter than Snet - how about Bedford? I was 2.50s on the GT circuit there in the old Sti V :D

30th October 2006, 15:48
I never even bothered to time any of Johns, the only one i started to time, was in Pauls car, and then that had to be aborted.

Dynamix, that car behind you is Alan in John's old car. Floyd wasnt there.

Duncan Graham
30th October 2006, 16:10
doh ... more coffee needed smile.gif (Hi Alan btw ... )

Car is a STi 2.5 type UK but power of 333bhp and 352lb/ft torque measured at Clive Atthowes in Norwich on a scorcher of a day ... heat soak etc ;)

30th October 2006, 19:07
Trout ya big girl! You need 3 dimensional tracks :D

However, your in car footage does not give you any idea of the inclines at Cadwell.

30th October 2006, 20:29
I dont normally start out that slowly Steven, but i wanted to build up some knowledge of the track and what the tyres would do at a slowish rate, just in case the tyres were on a knifeedge at the limit. It turned out they are actually very progresive and easy to drive, but it's better to take your time building the speed than go off at a place like Cadwell.

I never feel any presure to go fast because others are quicker than me at that time, which is the dangerous trap a lot of people can fall into.

Next time i'll probably be on a relatively fast pace after 3 laps in my car, if we were at Donington it would have been a lot easier to learn the tyres as i dont have to think about the track at all there, i havn't driven Cadwell for maybe 5 years so there was lot to relearn, which is half the fun of the day. :D

There was no lag at all in my car out of the tightest corner, even in 3rd Floyd. In Pauls car using 2nd it had just a small amount of lag, but with the mods paul will do it shouldnt be a problem for that car either.

Havnt got a clue what my lap times were, it was about the same pace as the Silver Caged EVO 8, whatever it was it would be relatively easy to knock 5 seconds off if i was pushing the limits more, Pauls car once sorted as expected should be knocking 10 seconds off what i was doing, probably more.

30th October 2006, 21:21
From memory I had uber lag at the hairpin (hall bends?) 2nd gear and at the bottom of the scary downhill, left hander bit, 3rd gear.

You're right John, not a place to experiment and get it wrong. Also gentle warm up laps are very very important there :eek:


Gerry H
30th October 2006, 21:29
I was taking the hairpin in 3rd and the only time I had any lag was after recovering from a 'moment'. Type R gearing works well at Cadwell IMO.

30th October 2006, 21:33
The hairpin is called "hairpin" :D Hall bends is the sequence before it, Barn is the righthander after it.

I was getting power oversteer out of that downhill lefthander (mansfield), i wouldnt expect any lag there, you sure your turbo is OK?

30th October 2006, 21:36
2nd was marginally faster on exit at hairpin, but needed more effort to use on the entry, my centre diff was banging it's head off when i started to push the car harder at that entry braking point so it must have been getting the backend very light with the back tyres giving up on grip.

Old Trout
30th October 2006, 21:42
Originally posted by Steven:
Trout ya big girl! You need 3 dimensional tracks :D

However, your in car footage does not give you any idea of the inclines at Cadwell. I didn't really mean to say I didn't like the hills just that I wasn't quite as fast on them!!!

And yes - they do look rather good in real life don't they - fantastic track!

Times remain interesting as based on what John is saying a Scoob would be faster than a Radical S3. Does this seem likely John? What do you think a good time at Cadwell is?

Superbikes are 1:2x

Radical was 1:38s

Trout :D

PS I did not experience any noticeable lag. Hairpin was taken in 2nd and Mansfield in 3rd. Gooseneck was originally in 3rd and then 4th with experience.

30th October 2006, 21:44
Where did i say that? What time does a Radical do?

Duncan Graham
30th October 2006, 21:45
i like that hairpin - reminds me of breidscheid in reverse smile.gif - a bit inbetween on gears with 2nd marginally too short and 3rd too long.

Duncan Graham
30th October 2006, 21:46
A radical did it in 1min 22.5


Old Trout
30th October 2006, 21:49

I was extrapolating your 'extra ten seconds' from Paul's cars time and imagining that you were probably doing a decent time to start with smile.gif

The S3 (not S8 as above) I quoted was doing 1m 38s as noted above ;) (which research is suggesting may not actually be that fast :eek: )

Just interested in how different cars perform, or should perform smile.gif

Trout smile.gif

Old Trout
30th October 2006, 21:49
Originally posted by dynamix:
A radical did it in 1min 22.5

http://www.radicalextremesportscars.com/news_folder/cad_fest_05/index.php That's just bonkers!!!!

30th October 2006, 22:03
I would be aiming for low to mid 1:30's in Pauls car when it's properly sorted. Cadwell has a couple of very fast sections if you have the grunt that Pauls car will have.

I expect a rather quick Caterham would have been surprised when we blasted past that like it was going backwards on the run into Charlies, and the car was well down on it's potential power and previous corner exit speed.

30th October 2006, 22:09
John, the ambients were way higher than Sunday, at a guess, so that wouldn't help the lag. Turbo looks OK, no smoke or play or funny noises. Paul didn't suspect anything wrong either so perhaps it just doesn't work on my car. Top end is OK though and enough to murder a Skylark!

Pretty acedemic as I've got a new turbo to stick on the car now.


Old Trout
30th October 2006, 22:10
Quite nippy then smile.gif

30th October 2006, 22:23
Still slow compared to the stuff i build as a day job, ;) but it should be quick enough to compete well with it's competition. :D

30th October 2006, 22:49
My car run into a few niggling problems, mainly with the chargecooler water pump going belly up. The charge temps even with the WI on were very high, so we reduced the boost to around 1.4-1.5 bar. But the lag in power was very noticeable once out on track for a minute or so. It took me a while to figure it out as I've only been using very short burst of throttle on the road.

Onwards and upwards.

Old Trout
1st November 2006, 06:52
Anyone fancy going back

Cadwell for £99 (http://www.motorsportvision.co.uk/trackdays/event-details.asp?ProductID=2294)

I am going to try my best to be there this time smile.gif

Friday 24th November - Open pit lane

Gerry H
1st November 2006, 07:17
Would do but I have a booking for Silverstone on 26th. Bit flatter there smile.gif

1st November 2006, 07:44
Tempted, need car ready for then though.

Duncan Graham
1st November 2006, 07:45
Would love to but days off in the week are a bit impossible in the run off to xmas :(

Old Trout
2nd November 2006, 22:37
Thinking of making some 'adjustments' to the car then testing it there ;)

2nd November 2006, 22:44

3rd November 2006, 00:01
Looks like i'll be there again. :D Starting off a bit quicker this time too. :D :D

3rd November 2006, 08:35
3 weeks! Hmmm doubt i can get the scoob ready for then, will have to give it a try!