View Full Version : last Elvington rwyb 10th sept?

24th August 2006, 21:03
apparently there is a final rwyb on the 10th sept at elvington for this season, 1/4m and top speed. i've been asked to pass on that this may also be the last straightliners rwyb for good for cars at Elvington, unless the attendance numbers are up for cars competing on the 10th. the previous dates this year and last for rwyb have been affected by weather/poor turnouts etc and they aren't viable to continue putting them on without enough support.

would be a great shame if the 1/4m rwyb days there are pulled, so this may be a chance to try and support the venue and straightliners rwyb days there.
This doent not affect SSO or TOTB plans, but many of you have been to the rwyb events, so please try and pass on or support the rwyb event on the 10th if you can.

gates open 9am approx, racing from 10.30, cost is 45 for unlimited runs.