View Full Version : 2nd july Elvington rwyb

25th June 2006, 20:34
reminder of the last test rwyb day before totb 5 and also the drag finals are on this coming sunday!
see you there i hope

26th June 2006, 18:32
drag finals for what ? sso? gazza

26th June 2006, 18:41

26th June 2006, 19:22
oh great whos goin ???

26th June 2006, 22:27
6 out of the top 8 as the results stood from SSO.
shootout will run at 1pm, should be great!

RSVR Racer
27th June 2006, 07:21
Chris, can we just turn up or do we have to book in?

27th June 2006, 07:37
Conrad, its a normal RWYB i believe, with the track being closed at 1pm for the Shootout finals.

RSVR Racer
27th June 2006, 08:19
So all non SSO contestants have to do there running before 1pm? OK.


27th June 2006, 08:45
and after the shoot out finals, at a guess, after 1:30pm

RSVR Racer
27th June 2006, 09:20
Ah ok, going to try & give the Civic an airing / shakedown run, its unfinished but we need to get it qualified for TOTB smile.gif

27th June 2006, 09:56
cool, looking forward to seeing it.

RSVR Racer
27th June 2006, 15:39
Dont get too excited, its not pretty smile.gif lol

27th June 2006, 16:07
Who gives a fook as long as it does the business!


27th June 2006, 19:33
as above, open to any car, sign on from 8.30am approx. racing from 10.30 and uptil 4pm approx.

27th June 2006, 19:51
Winner gets free access to TOTB !

27th June 2006, 19:57
That why you havent sent your form and cheque off then :D

RSVR Racer
28th June 2006, 07:08
Originally posted by David Wallis:
Who gives a fook as long as it does the business!

David smile.gif

28th June 2006, 23:02
yes thats true, free entry to totb to winner :)

29th June 2006, 00:12
Chris, not the place to probably discuss it..

but what would it take to be able to run passengers up the strip??

For a fee obviously, just thinking about the charity rwyb someone is organising and think it could be a good way of raising money smile.gif


29th June 2006, 07:43
They allow passengers at crail. I think they just have to sign the std disclaimer form.

29th June 2006, 08:04
I've always taken passengers at crail. Been a while since I've been but they've never signed anything.

29th June 2006, 20:01
they used to allow it but the insurers for public liability took a dim view, and so it was stopped some time ago.
i think as a special day for charity something might be feasible, but almost certain we couldnt do it on a race day.

Dan Lewis
30th June 2006, 14:59
So westwood was an exception then??

30th June 2006, 15:04
yes and we had to pay for him to ride in the car!

30th June 2006, 16:04
If we all contributed and raised enough money, could we place him on the finish line, ready to get run over by Keith Cowie doing his 0-300kmh attempt ??

I'm sure plenty would pay to see that :D :D

30th June 2006, 17:07

30th June 2006, 18:34

Dan Lewis
30th June 2006, 18:49
Or he could be forcibly ejected half way up the qtr mile. Could make for quite interesting viewing. :D

Check list:
engage launch control
lock DCCD


unlock DCCD (must remember this bit tongue.gif )
eject westwood
Cross Qtr mile in under 11 seconds

Done :D

30th June 2006, 20:06
he wont be there btw this year!

2nd July 2006, 16:52
altho i dont have all the official times yet for the finals, quick thanks to all who came along and persevered through the rain early on to wait for the finals. luckily the weather cleared and we had a cracking final.

Andy Forrest won against Steven Darley in the final on a damp track, both drivers made superb starts with steven equalling andys start and first 1/8th, but andy powered throught to win.

Andy also topped a superb day with two new fastest times i believe, in the dry this morning he ran 9.39s 154mph first run, then immediately ran 9.4s 150mph. i'll post the full official times when we get them tonight/tomorrow.

many thanks also to the competitors who came for the trophy presentations, and to the event sponsors for providing some excellent prizes.

a couple of prizes still have to be delivered to us (24ct gold nitrous bottle from Nitrous supplies is one for Andy F!) and these will be sorted shortly.
many thanks once again to all, great final.