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23rd January 2006, 23:30
We have managed to secure a rare Saturday trackday at Goodwood on March 25th 2006.

36 cars in total with 9 on track at any one time. Noise restrictions are policed very strictly and the level is 98dB static at about 5000 rpm. I would recommend if you think you're car is too loud to get the backbox changed to a quieter one. I may also be able to get bungs made up to slot into your tailpipe to reduce noise levels accordingly.

The price is a very reasonable 200. 20 for co-drivers, but passengers and spectators are free. Helmet hire will be available for a nominal charge too.

This event is to be run by Stormy and myself. Details will be published soon on our website - www.track-masters.co.uk (http://www.track-masters.co.uk)

Anyone interested??


Terry :D

24th January 2006, 13:47
98@5000 :eek: ouch that is tight !

Andy Peanuts
25th January 2006, 11:08
my revolution at brunters made 97 at 5500
I was astounded

25th January 2006, 11:38
For some reason my exhaust still seems to be flipping loud..

25th January 2006, 19:42
revolution is good for noise level.

Simon, I have always thought your car on the loud side!

25th January 2006, 20:20
I have no idea why.. It now has gruppe-s headers but still seems very loud??

3inch exhaust looming.. but think I might miss the noise.. lol


25th January 2006, 22:50
Simon, yours is loud ! just ask Emma !!! ;)

Dyney's H&S with stnd headers made something like 108db @ Goodwood last time he was there. think that was @ 4500 ...

5k seems high rpm to test at. and TBH at no load it will be way quieter, so why test that high up ?

25th January 2006, 23:03
Originally posted by ScoobyDuck:
Simon, yours is loud ! just ask Emma !!! ;)
oops.. sorry.. tusk..

think the mileage must have coked up the backbox perferations into the sound deadening material etc..


26th January 2006, 13:48
haha .. yeah ;) tongue.gif

dont think yours is any louder than anyother 'bean can' style BB, but they tend to be very deep and belowy...


30th January 2006, 22:15
anyone interested??

9th February 2006, 23:32
Updated list pending payment Good mix of cars out to play. 14 places left so get your name down ASAP to avoid disappointment.

1. Richard MG XS
2. Richards Brother MG XS
3. Neil Lotus Elise Motorsport
4. Will Lotus Elise
5. Track Masters
6. Benji Evo VI
7. Andy (Peanuts) UK Turbo
8. William
9. Barry P1
10. Rob WRX
11. Daniel P1
12. Adam Evo VI
13. George tbc
14. Martin WRX
15. Track Masters
16. Andy Coles
17. Mike Turbo
18. Jo WRX
19. Leslie Stage A
20. Dave VS Evo VII
21. Brian Westfield
22. Darren RS2000

Richard, Will, Stormy, Daniel, Jo, Chris, Leslie, Brian, Barry, Terry

Discounted Insurance

4th March 2006, 23:57
any more takers?