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9th September 2005, 20:33
powerengineering rolling road day 15th 0ct 830 on words
we need min of 20 cars for 35.00 or 30 cars for 30.00.

1.tannan southern scoobies
2.jimmy tmo time southern scoobies
3.stevee southern scoobies
4.neilleggyb4 hampshire scoobies
5.andy, friend of mine(neilleggyb4) hampshire scoobies
6.Adz Turbo scooby net
7.scoobywhite scooby net
8.Jez sxoc to be conf
9.Lister <-- assuming they can run with nos sox
10. drumsterphil - RB5oc
11. Jon B - RB5oc
12.graham_wrx southern scoobies
13.Jaydeee007 from Southernscoobies
14.Farls sox
15.rossy t sox
16.Lasitha sxoc
17.Jeremy 200 sxoc
18.xploitGT sxoc
19.ragt20 sxoc tbc

may go if run in in time Matty2Fatty sxoc

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