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21st July 2005, 00:56
I wasnt able to attend myself, but BigSinky, and Michael were both there, and did well..
Hopefully Straightliners will post the full list of results soon enough.

Apparently there was a good turnout from both locals and guys from main UK, with several Skylines etc.

BigSinky only got 1 run, of 11.7 @ 121. On his second attempt, snapped a rear driveshaft :(
It was still enough to get the trophy for fastest in the 11.5 to 12.5 bracket.

Michael ran a best of 11.2 @ 128mph, winning trophy for the 10.5-11.5 bracket, and also taking trophy for the fastest car of the weekend.
Actually a lot better than we expected, as its still giving problems, and not making any power at all below 5000rpm, and still running pretty low boost. Seriously laggy.
Should hopefully see some easy 10's I think at TOTB, all being well if we get the lag issue sorted, and turn the boost up to a sensible level.

I think this pissed off some of the Skylines :D :D

21st July 2005, 07:17
well done to both of them :D
is michael the one running a legacy?

21st July 2005, 07:20

21st July 2005, 08:50
Well done to you all.

What cam timing you running, and is it phase 1 or 2 heads?

21st July 2005, 08:56
Standard cam timing, both cars ph2 heads.

13th August 2005, 12:19
Legacy is running AVCS too from the pics which is interesting!

13th August 2005, 12:25
It isnt. It just has new heads fitted. The AVCS is not being used.

13th August 2005, 13:53
Ill shut up then!

Just noticed it still had the oil pipe leading the the AVCS system still in place and assumed.

13th August 2005, 16:50
The oil pipes must stay in place, as they also feed the front 2 cam journals with oil.

14th August 2005, 07:31
With you smile.gif

Race Altered
16th August 2005, 12:58
Originally posted by XK-R:
Legacy is running AVCS too from the pics which is interesting! What pics ?

16th August 2005, 15:35
Pics on the UK Legacy forum I'm guessing....

Race Altered
16th August 2005, 16:49
Originally posted by stevieturbo:
Pics on the UK Legacy forum I'm guessing.... Have a link stevie ?

16th August 2005, 17:13

There was defo more pics somewhere on that forum, but theres a couple linked in that thread.