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13th June 2005, 16:04
Quickshift, was the first proper drag event ever to be held here in Northern Ireland, at St Angelo airfeild in Enniskillen..
200 cars from all over Ireland, and some from the UK attending.
Straightliners were operating the timing...

Final came down to 8 cars as per usual, head to head shootout, 6 of which were running in the 11's, and one the 10's ( Fensport Corolla )
3 Skylines, 2 Evos, 2 Subarus, and Fensport

Neil managed some good times with good starts to win his Quarter and Semi, against Skyline, and Subaru resp.

Final came down to Fensports Corolla and BigSinky.

Neil got the launch on him, and was ahead..then Fensport broke 2nd gear lol

What a bummer...I bet Fensport arrived thinking they would kick ass...they arrived on a trailer ( as so many "road" cars do ), sticky tyres, full of race fuel...They took it home on a trailer too lol.
Admittedly, their car is quicker, but that wasnt enough to win it.

Neil drove there as always, normal road tyres, and pump fuel only, and won the trophy, beating off quite a few contenders.
Final run was 11.57 @ 123. Plenty more to come, as it really isnt getting that much boost yet.....

http://img57.echo.cx/img57/5294/omabigsinky9kv.jpg (http://www.imageshack.us)

Roll on TOTB smile.gif

13th June 2005, 16:19
Well done Neil. That is an excellent acheivement!

13th June 2005, 16:39
nice one neil, i bet fensports were a bit peed off

Lateral Performance Ltd
13th June 2005, 21:06
Well done Neil, let's hope we have a little bit of luck at TOTB ;)


13th June 2005, 21:20
Steven rubs hands together :D . OUR team is looking Strong, lets keep it together lads.

Nice one Neil, well done.


13th June 2005, 23:26
Cracking result, well done Neil. smile.gif

Andy Peanuts
14th June 2005, 08:24
reiterate the congratulations, now bring on the mlr

14th June 2005, 09:48
:D Well Done

14th June 2005, 11:33
thanks for the comments guys. well pleased with the performance of the car on the day. never missed a beat. times just got faster and faster as i got more used to the new clutch culminating in my 11.57 in the final against the fensport corolla. as stevie says a bit more work and hopefully i can get into low 11s, maybe high 10s(i wish) by the time TOTB comes along.

big sinky (still on cloud 9 at my first win)

14th June 2005, 13:20
what box you using?

14th June 2005, 15:55
JDM 6 although now fitted with UK 5th and 6th.

14th June 2005, 19:58
excellent result!

28th June 2005, 12:49
Superb!!! smile.gif

drb5=Dave McD
28th June 2005, 16:58