View Full Version : reminder- scoobyshootout entry forms

25th March 2005, 12:17
quick reminder that while you all have a free weekend you could get your entry forms sorted for scoobyshootout!

closing date for all forms will be around the 8th May, no more entries after that date. i believe the entry list is at around 40 odd subaru's so far, and the invited car list so far contains;
Calder Supra (9.9s 1/4m)
Fensport Corrolla and Celica (10.7s)
Top Secret Drag R Skyline (10.3s 136mph last sunday at Elvington)
Jun Lemon R33 GTR (10.9s)
Keith Cowie's R32 GTR (9.95s)
Grant Parker Mk1 Golf 4wd Quattro Turbo (10.7s 1/4m)

entry forms are on www.totb.co.uk (http://www.totb.co.uk)

1st April 2005, 21:07