View Full Version : Rallyday 2005 - 13th August

16th March 2005, 16:02
Hi all,

Scoobyzone are doing their annual pilgramidge to Rallyday 2005 (http://www.rallyday.com/) this year..

The 5th Rallyday takes place at Castle Combe Circuit in Wiltshire on Saturday 13 August.

If anyone wants to park their Subaru (or other rally related car) in our paddock then you are more than welcome - to park in our paddock you need to register your interest @ http://www.scoobyzone.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=5756


18th March 2005, 14:38
If you want to see what Rallyday 2005 will be like - here is a highlights video of 2004

Windows Media 9 Required, 85MB Download, Right Click and Save As please ;)

=>download vid (http://www.scoobyzone.co.uk/album_mod/upload/video/rallyday-2004v2-web.wmv)