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8th March 2005, 14:33
Just so we don't need to clutter Steven's nice thread, thought we should plonk all the technical banter here!


8th March 2005, 14:34
I am not going to commit until the SSO I don't think. By then the engine will be left alone, and I may work on trying some different gearing and perhaps some tyre options too.

So far I am thinking of running an all round car, similar to what Andy did last year, but with a high top speed capability. I toyed with a drag special, early WRX or EVO, but it's actually a lot ot work for something that will have very limited scope.


8th March 2005, 14:53
sounds interesting paul.

like a comprimise with the gearing? ie resonable gearing with almost an overdrive/stupid 5th or 6th?

Suspension and brakes is overlooked too much imho.

I want to get my car a little stiffer, a fair bit lighter and a lot more nimble.

Different Geometry first, and certainly something other than these AVO's. I also think the diffs arent what I want..

I want it a little more reward biased but not excessively.. Yet to drive a plated or ATB rear.

Also uprated centre is pricey.. ideally dccd centre though and some kind of active controller.

May fit a different cars rear diff too.

Paul, any thoughts to developing an undertray? I would be interested in that.


8th March 2005, 15:09
David, how much running have you done with your car on the strip now? Is that the arena you want to excell at with this car? I am a bit fuzzy as to what the goals are with your project these days. smile.gif

8th March 2005, 15:11

I think anywhere beyond up and down the drive once every 3 months would be a welcome start.

8th March 2005, 15:16
Paul, not in the slightest, if someone wants to fund insuring it then Ill quite happily put lots of miles on it..

John, its done less than 10 1/4 mile runs.

Its not capable of decent 1/4's to be competitive imho.. I really need to be in the 9's to be competitive at a guess.

Top speed on paper is circa 200mph.. aint ever going to do that.. and as for handling that needs looking at as yet..

so the goals? A road car that can make 99% of people look very silly :D

8th March 2005, 15:19
its a serious question Paul. smile.gif I am lost in all the time and banter thats gone on as to what David wants, has done so far.

The concern i have is David is wanting to change a lot of things when it may be best to freeze the spec and get what he has working properly first. It's easy to think too much about what would be great and lose your focus on getting use out of the car and getting what you have up to its potential before moving on. Before you know it the year has passed and you are pissed off because you didnt achieve any of your goals.

8th March 2005, 15:23
so very little running so far then really. When you say a road car that makes everything look silly, do you mean a road based car used in 1/4 mile with no road use? or a car that works on the road?

Have you ever done a 1/4 you were happy with? If not what was it you didnt like, found a problem with?

8th March 2005, 15:31
John, Im not chaning the spec so much as ammending the areas I have problems with..

power steering seemed to overheat and cause a burst pipe, this was also down to a 'defect' with the pipe.

Subaru later fitted a ps cooler, I initally fitted one but it was in the way, I now have a mini oilcooler as a ps cooler and it has held up fine now, with more power.

The ECU's boost control is pathetic, even Mark Shead (MADeveopments) agreed (could have told me this at the time of sale)

So I've got an AVC-R to use.

The car likes wheelspinning, and I went by AndyF's recommendation and bought myself 5x Dunlop D01J's

I was changing gear way too early, Im putting this down to phscologogical reasons, ie seeing red line and changing, rather than revving through it..Have removed rev counter and painted over the red bit redface.gif .. will add a shift light at some point, would like to do one similar to the M5)

Fuel Pump wiring has been changed as originally they were lift pumps and would be drawing less current than main pumps so were paralleled up.. not running the other pumps at the moment, due to lack of fuel surge problems. So I have added a relay and a 6mmm ground cable, and used the old gnd as a new supply for the second pump.

Inlet manifold has been hit hard on the crack, to detach it..(wallis style) it was then cleaned and welded back and, erm sanded flat.. and re ported out on the inside.. (Welded inside and out)

I then checked the spacers and they are that bent when I tried to throw them in the bin and they came back around the garage and hit me in the head. Hence re-making them. :D

Current issues are water temp, going to try a couple of things such as fans :D and playing around with the coolant path / ducting and see what happens.. if this fails then its new rad and intercooler time.

Water Injection will be rewired if I get chance.

I also have a staging spray still to be connected.

So generally spec isnt changing too much..

Oil cooler is more of a safeguard, some people havent needed them as yet.. I dont really care what other people have experience.. I go by my oil temperature guage.

Hope this clears up any confusion smile.gif

Not a dig at any one, and I welcome any comments / criticsms other than those concerning spelling or grammar.


8th March 2005, 15:36
so very little running so far then really. When you say a road car that makes everything look silly, do you mean a road based car used in 1/4 mile with no road use? or a car that works on the road?

Have you ever done a 1/4 you were happy with? If not what was it you didnt like, found a problem with? I mean a road car, that can be used on the road, and is still competitive without map changes, race fuel etc. My car was driven too and from totb and is well mannered on the road (except wet roundabouts in 3rd) and will continue to be mapped for optimax.

I was reasonably happy with my 11.6 to say it was one of three runs.. I couldnt get much practice due to queues and lack of fan.

Things I didnt like..

Gear Linkage.. Now altered.


8th March 2005, 15:45
cool, its the comments like wanting to change the diffs that had me a bit concerned as you can lose a lot of time doing things like that. I think you will get more out of the year by getting what you have working well, and driving as often as posible.

Power steering overheating is an odd one, i never managed to cook my PS and i do a fair bit of wheel twirling on track. ;) which is where the heat comes from, going in a straight line should produce zero heat in the system.

Things like the fans is a good illustration of the way you can focus any changes you do make, do things that allow you to have reliable, repeatable running and get to learn the car. If you concentrate your efforts in that kind of aproach you are going to have a lot more fun IMHO. smile.gif

8th March 2005, 16:40
He has a personal trainer this year, that will ensure HE drives the car more than 3 times.

8th March 2005, 16:42


Im just thinking out loud, they are bits I think may be an issue and will be keeping an eye out for on the cheap, or cheap options.. you know me :D


8th March 2005, 16:49
u going to be jumping to another team paul?

8th March 2005, 18:59

First, it's none of your business what I do for TOTB
Second, I have already explained when I replied to your various PMs that I didn't know what I would be doing for TOTB, and that I have no plans to join another team or in fact do anything specific at all.
Third, stop stalking me


9th March 2005, 09:02
Glad to see air that needs cutting with a knife already! ;)

13th March 2005, 13:59
Originally posted by Pavlo:

First, it's none of your business what I do for TOTBso you are jumping ship then? what car you getting now? skyline? evo?

13th March 2005, 19:39
There is a Jun R33 skyline available which I like the look of, not to mention a myriad of r32 drag cars for sale in japan that have already run 9s quite comfortably.

Buying one of these and having 2 sets of a lot of stuff available to make the most of the handling and straight line disciplines might work quite well. Ie run some small wheels on the handling circuit, with small turbos, or maybe just a small exhaust housing. Then swap wheels, suspenion geometry, turbos and mapping for the straightline stuff, or perhaps use smallish turbos and a progressive 300shot of nitrous.

It's possible to get an R32 down to about 1100kg (caged) with some work, and I figure 900-1000hp in drag trim using methanol, perhaps even a blend of nitromethane too.

I just don't know there are too many options.


14th March 2005, 09:11
that would be boring though..

much more fun to take something that is built for the complete opposite of drag racing and then do well in it surely?

14th March 2005, 09:38
but maybe it would be more fun to just wind christian up for the next 4 months!

14th March 2005, 09:41
I thought that happened for 13months of the year anyway?

14th March 2005, 17:54

Andy Peanuts
23rd March 2005, 13:40
not TOTB but SSO...
preperations for my strictly road car are starting.
I have changed the mods I need and I am preparing for remapping.
I have been in discussion with a number of friends and have decided to map solely on optimax again.
I might add 1mm/L NF for extra det resistance.

Thing is, I was planning to do a fuel fluids change about 500 miles beforehand, would this be prudent or wasteful?


23rd March 2005, 21:10
Before remap/mods or SSO

Prudent for both if you can stomach the cost

24th March 2005, 16:06
sounds like wallis' ideals are the same as mine.

Civil on the road for use everyday without thinking any of the fact that it will destroy most other vehicles.

Hence retaining air con, and sat nav, having capable suspension and looking as standard as a standard 22B can look.

Andy Peanuts
2nd April 2005, 14:48
Thanks Steven,
did a fluids change before mods were fitted and will do the same before SSO.
safe/sorry springs to mind


4th April 2005, 10:07

Get your arse in gear, 70 miles is less than I used to commute to work every morning, and I started work at 7.30am!


4th April 2005, 10:11
True, but with an income of 56 quid a week it's a bit difficult even with a diesel ;)

4th April 2005, 10:47
Diesel isnt that expensive tim

Damn UBB..

4th April 2005, 11:00
At 87.9p a litre now round here, it's more expensive than Optimax :eek:

4th April 2005, 11:01
I think you misunderstood my post.

4th April 2005, 11:04
I presume we are discussing getting Tim's car running? the post to which Pauls original reply was to of Tims I cannot see??!

Tim, get it to mine and I'll do it for you smile.gif

4th April 2005, 11:36
Simon, we moved over from the team selection thread...anyway I want to do the work myself, so if you feel like a trip to the farm you're welcome :D

David...I get your meaning now ;)

4th April 2005, 11:40
Is your parents central heating like mine Tim??


4th April 2005, 11:50
Oh, and the car has been moved into the garage at my folks so I can work on it *cough*


Along with the 6 speed and the new age quick rack


Bumper had to come off to get the car into the garage, because of a rather tight turn...we also had to jack the back of the car round :rolleyes: bit of a tight squeeze

4th April 2005, 12:08
nice and easy for test drives then ;)

4th April 2005, 12:29
Ever so easy, I just need to invest in some wheel dollies ;)

Basically it aint coming out of there in a hurry!

4th April 2005, 12:32
less chance of it getting stolen..

4th April 2005, 12:35
Indeed...you should see what's on the otherside of the doors!

4th April 2005, 12:37
mind you with no engine running it would be difficult to steal anyway ;)