View Full Version : Powerstations NEW Rolling road Shootout

26th February 2005, 11:06
anyone here interested.
Proposed mid march.
To join in on the one currently being run in SN.

25 cars MAX @ 25 ish pr car.

List of people so far interested
1. Nezz
2. Squizz (200SX)
3. Jammers (pending Scoob ownership )
4. Graz (MY00 Classic, minor mods)
5. Danny Boy
6. Tiny Tim
7. Robocop
8. MDBinaWagon
9. MattOz
10. Fuzz
11. NeilP1
12. MagicP
12B Pickle (maybe) --- not putting myself down as 13. Its far too much like tempting fate
14. Tasberley


26th February 2005, 12:36
Do we know if this is defo going ahead yet Andy?
Are they the same rollers that were affected by water ingress late last year when they had a flood??
I'd like to know that they aren't going to give duff readings before I commit :D

Andy Peanuts
2nd April 2005, 12:37
new premises I believe,

2nd April 2005, 13:12
correct Peanuts,

Not quite ready for a RR day yet though, Urffing great fan ducting arrived this week, to be installed soon....

Open day TBA