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10th February 2005, 00:34
hi all!
dates for elvington airfield rwyb 2005

20th march- general test day for bikes and cars, 1/4m and top speed, early season opener.

10th april cars rwyb 1/4m and top speed.

3rd July totb4 test day cars 1/4m and top speed.

i'll have info on prices to compete /spectate etc very shortly.

some additional general info for all events there this season;

Driving licenses will be required at sign on, and only the signed on drivers will be allowed to race.
Helmets are required at all times for competitors, seat belts to be worn, arms and legs to be covered.
No passenger runs allowed under any circumstances.
Non competitor cars will not be allowed to drive around site, anyone speeding/donuts/abusing the site rules generally will be removed and barred from all other events.

further details to follow on pricing

2nd March 2005, 21:25

2nd March 2005, 21:30


3rd March 2005, 21:00
you know, I might give it a go in april!

4th March 2005, 09:26
Ill be running on the 20th subject to my rr session in the next two weeks going ok.


4th March 2005, 23:46
i've had a call today from trev, looks like the 20th march event is going to be 1/4m head to head only, no top speed for this one, mainly because its so early in season that they dont usually get enough numbers up there at this time. so a fairly low key test/practise day on the 1/4m with a reduced price to suit is whats now planned.
cost will be 30 for the day for unlimited runs.
5 spectating.

the other rwyb dates will be as normal with top speed plus 1/4m stuff, and full price of 45 for the day for unlimited runs.

driving license and helmet reqd as usual.

4th March 2005, 23:47
to add
further rwyb dates 1/4m and top speed
10th april
3rd july totb test day/final entry day

poss a date later in sept to come

5th March 2005, 10:57
chris, can we have joint/shared drives?

5th March 2005, 21:04
i believe as long as both drivers are willing to pay, then a car can be shared, but the entry fee cant be split as far as i know, as part of the entry fee (approx 17) is the actual insurance cover to allow you to race in a timed event.

6th March 2005, 12:58
ok, no problem