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Chris B
9th February 2005, 16:54
Posted on behalf for Dean(Couldn't post on here)

Ok, this is the state of play as of today....location whys it looks as though a central location is going to be the best for the GTIR boys, i'm talking with Redline and Banzai who wish to cover the event.

This is a copy of an e-mail i recieved from redline:

Hi -

I'll write this as a list of points, as it'll make it easier to get across what we need...

- We'd only want well modified cars - testing a standard, or exhaust and filter car is a waste of time.
- You may have to rethink the handling side of things as it adds a host of difficulties with regards to finding a venue, and timing it accurately
- A top speed, 0-60, 1/4 mile shootot has been done before but it's the simplest way to test a bunch of cars over one day and find a 'winner'
A big event with spectators etc is a different ball game entirely as you need to supply catering, toilets, barriers, marshalls etc etc - It's big money and big logistics so it would be best to keep it small and simple and invite only.
- From our point of view we'd ideally need between 10 and 20 cars in total, with equal numbers on each side.
- If the cars are guarentee'd and strong enough we could potentially arrange and sort out the location. Either way we'd supply timing gear.
- What we'd need from you is a list of cars with approx power figures and a date or dates that the cars would be able to attend.
- If a GTi-R V Scooby shootout doesn't materialise, there's no reason why we couldn't do just a GTi-R one..

Keep me posted and let me know how you get on.

Banzai are talking about only having 10 cars!!...i'd rather have 15/20,i'll keep talking to them and see what they can offer.

The confirmed GTI-Rs are running between 360bhp and 500+bhp!!!! Jason Gants R ran 11.09 at TOTB and is more than capable of a 10 second run, Lou Robs R ran stupidly quick times at santa pod a week ago and the other confirmed cars are potential 11 second cars...so what are you waiting for?

pm me your spec and estimated power outputs if your up for the battle and are as certain as you can that you will be able to attend around the end of March/start of April.

Look forward to hearing from you,


Link to the orginal threads Scoobynet link (http://bbs.scoobynet.co.uk/showthread.php?t=399269) &GTIR link (http://forum.gtiroc.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=29113)

He is struggling to find subarus for this so i thought it would be a good idea to post here.

I can't have the Gtir's winning as i know somebody who is taking part for them.

12th February 2005, 13:00
what date are you thinking ? as I might be interested if my new uprated six speed gearbox is fitted in time.

12th February 2005, 16:58
and I might be interested if my even more uprated 7 speed sequential gearbox arrives.


hey everyone let me tell you what other things I have got thatg you can be really jealous of! tongue.gif

12th February 2005, 17:10

I like water off Christian's back no doubt.


12th February 2005, 22:29
its a pitty just whish the scooby was back together the now and the girlfriends sunny had a bit more bhp than 307bhp would have been fun the 2 of us racing one another