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Andy Peanuts
12th January 2005, 12:41
I want to start tracking my car.
I will have a crack at the drag strip for fun but predominantly I want to track it.
I have sorted out a bit of a power hike and a whiteline/eiback handling package so Im reasonably confident the car will behave in the right hands.
Ive never done it before, well, not in anger and would like to get an introduction, maybe with kidd gloves to start off with.
the prospect of getting in someones way (and hence incurring their wrath) does not appeal.

any good recommendations as to who to see/where to go please?

12th January 2005, 13:12
where about are you based Nuts?

Andy :D

12th January 2005, 13:16
Probably an airfield day would be the best start, plenty of grass run off ;) and very up close and personal with both, other participants and the marshalls/ organisers, a very freindly bunch usually.

http://www.bookatrack.co.uk/-pE might find the nearest airfield for you..


Everyone took the piss on my first trackday which I video'd and put up on the web..
99% tyre sqeal. :D

Andy Peanuts
12th January 2005, 13:20
Im in Portsmouth area (and delighted with the FA Cup draw!!)

12th January 2005, 13:28
The FA cup YAWN ;)

Andy :D

12th January 2005, 13:31
bookatrack looks to be more circuit oriantated than I thought, there is another one (which I've forgotten) I'll find it later as tea break is over. :(


Andy Peanuts
12th January 2005, 13:33
work, curse of the drinking classes!

I know that Goodwood and Castle Coombe are local tracks but I would prefer to be eased into the scene


12th January 2005, 17:21
Bedford are holging a RSOC trackday on the 19th Feb 80! This is considered to be the most novice friendly track with little or no chance of damage.

I'll be there with a few characters ;)


Andy Peanuts
12th January 2005, 21:38
bummer (said Dougal, realising he was a dog!)

19th is the hants-scoobies RR day

12th January 2005, 22:35
How about Feb 5th then. :D


13th January 2005, 14:13

29th January 2005, 21:27
although i liked the FA cup today http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/lachen/laughing-smiley-006.gif
Si (AKA saints_fan_Si)