View Full Version : timed sprint day 18th sept Scunthopre Utd ground

6th July 2004, 21:37
anyone interested in a timed sprint on sat 18th sept at the above venue, run by a north lincolnshire car club, as a trial event. they normally run stage rallies. they asked me to put info out to anyone i thought might be up for it.

10am to 5pm approx.
cost is likely to be 30-35 max for the day, on a coned handling cct, with timed laps. (one car at a time), for unlimited runs.
it will be open to anyone, as long as its a road legal car etc.
all you need would be to sign on and bring a helmet.

full safety/paramedic and marshal crew plus timing on site provided by the club, and any profit they may make from the day is going to charity to help under priveledged kids.

ive only got the date and the above info for the moment, but we went up and checked out the large flat car park its being run on and it should be good fun, with nothing to hit but cones if you spun. not as large an area as elvington, but decent tarmac surface etc that will be clean and swept. rwd cars will also have a lot of fun on there!

if its succesful they may run it once a year as a charity event.
no charge for spectating .

please add your name to the thread if you would be up for taking part, or email me in august... once they pass on the details and i put them up, you will be able to book direct with the club to save your place and save 5 by paying in advance
chris m

ps im hoping to get the 200+ club lads along to take on the local scooby guys who come to our northern meetings, should be a bit of fun.

6th July 2004, 21:38
put my name down chris

6th July 2004, 22:18
Put me down please.

7th July 2004, 19:41
cheers chaps, keep adding names if interested please