View Full Version : SIDC Track Day @ Oulton Park!!!!!! Be Quick!!!!

2nd January 2001, 16:51
Great news peeps!
The club has managed to book the FULL circuit at Oulton Park for Saturday Jan 27th.
A flyer will be going out in the near future, but due to the event being so close it has been posted on here now as well.
The cost of this event is just an amazingly cheap (by Oulton Park standards!) 100 per car!!!!
It is open to SIDC members only and will be limited to the first fifty respondents. It will be run as an open pit-lane, and we hope to have the Tyre Vans in attendance as well.
If anyone is interested, please mail me or call me on 07932 317933 (this is a second mobile number I have just for January and will be on from Jan 3rd).
The event has also been announced to the LTR, so places are going to go like hot cakes. You'll need to get in fast for this one....

8th January 2001, 19:19
I shall be coming to Oulton Park! http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

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