View Full Version : RR Shootout @ Powerstation - UPDATE!!!

28th September 2000, 10:09
Please do not put anything on this thread, as it is to be used for information ONLY!!!!
Presently I have all names of people interested in the event, and I can confirm that:

It will be held on SATURDAY 11TH NOVEMBER

It will cost 20.00 EACH CAR

Over the next couple of days I will be emailing the appropriate people, that have been chosen. BEWARE...... I have had nearly 60 people interested, so you may not get a email confirming your place!

All people who receive an email MUST send a cheque and confirmation ASAP. If I do not receive a email confirmation of your attendance, within 72 hours of me emailing you, I WILL CONTACT A RESERVE and you will lose your place!

Watch this space for any general updates!!!!


3rd October 2000, 17:56
I have now sent out the initial batch of invites for the above event (that's 30 out of the 60!!!). Each person that has received one has 72 hours to reply. If I do not receive an email confirmation, your place will be taken by a reserve (there's enough of 'em). If you havent received an invite yet, dont worry there is still a chance (a few people have already declined). Based on places not taken on Thursday evening this week, I will send out further invites, based on those declines - the same rules will apply to those invites as well.


5th October 2000, 19:23
Thankyou to the 20 people who responded with there confirmations (please send your cheques ASAP!!!) and the 3 with there declines. Not so thankyou for the 7 that didnt do either!!!!!! Oh well, there loss!

What this does mean, is that I have sent out the invitations (10) for the 2nd round of invites. So all the people that have not received an invite yet, please check your email. The 72 hour rule still applys.