View Full Version : Slicks Banned For Silverstone Track Day

17th July 2000, 12:18
Guys, you better read http://www.rsownersclub.co.uk/ubb/Forum3/HTML/003100.html
They have banned the use of slicks at the RS National Day!!!

Danny Fisher
17th July 2000, 21:21
Oh BUGGER, and I was just sorting out some slicks........

Gald my normal road tyres are knackered. So if its raining then I shall have to have my new tyres put on early.


18th July 2000, 09:34
Since my road S02's are 'nearly new' I'm not prepared to shag £400+ for the day's entertainment. This was precisely why I got slicks in the first place (cost just over £100 a set!). So it looks like I'll be forced to pull out.

If it's likely to rain of course that's different as road tyres would be more suitable and the wear rate would also be more acceptable.

Stef: Northampton Tyres' offer of part worns. How much typically are we talking for a set on 16" ?

Also: If I have 'race suspension' (leda) and 'race brakes' (AP) do I qualify as a track car? I've got a portable fire extinguisher somewhere too.

PS the reasoning for this decision from Silverstone is ludicrous to me.

Danny Fisher
19th July 2000, 19:37
Spoke to David Rose this evening, Silverstone are now ALLOWING slicks on the basis that the only people on the track at that time will be classed as competent drivers. This means that if you have done around the 5/6 tracks days you should well qualify for this.


Danny Fisher
20th July 2000, 09:49

I have just spoken to Nick at Silverstone, he has been the RS point on contact for the track day. He has given the OK for intermediate tyres to be used, by this they mean road legal intermediates.

So for us boys and the girlies that drive those RS things, we don’t have to be placed in the experienced category.