View Full Version : Next SIDC Donno day?

10th May 2000, 19:37
Header says it all really, the SIDC web site only shows Pembrey, Knockhill and Snetterton as being available for the rest of the year!


11th May 2000, 08:22
I may be wrong but I don't think SIDC has any more days booked for donington this year.

You would be best to contact Peter Croney the events master and find out what is happening.

Donington are running a lot of their own trackdays this year. Go to http://www.donington.co.uk/ and have a look for the dates on offer. I have a full listing at home (there are lots of evenings and saturdays) but not here at work.

Hope that helps


Ian Cook
11th May 2000, 08:41
The events page is as up to date as it can be, i havent been told of anymore donno days, but that doesnt mean we wont have any, just means they either havent told me yet, or they havent been sorted.