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2nd May 2000, 15:15
Hi all,
Nicki wants to take the 22B out on a track and we were wondering what the first track event should be? We want somewhere where there will be some tuition available and not too much pressure from other drivers going for glory and forcing her over every corner. Are the LTR organised days good? I see the next one is at Snetterton - but that might be too soon. It would have to be a weekend and we are based in the South East. Any idea's?

Ian Cook
2nd May 2000, 16:09
You may find an SIDC event at Donington better, as we have Instructors, and the circuit is quite forgiving, although not without problem areas. The LTR events are excellent but i dont think they have instructors at them.

I would not recommend Castle Coombe or Cadwell as a first track day venue.

RobMac or Phil Bennett (sorry if too many letters in your surname Phil) may be better at recommending somewhere as they are Instructors ?

2nd May 2000, 18:12
Although I've only done Donington (in the scooby) and have no real reference I can't see if its better or worse than the others..

however I can definitely recommend donington as a first-time track, you can go at your own pace and should the worst happen (twas craners for myself, Stef and Bajie) there are decent run-offs and gravel traps.

plus the instructors there are excellent. thumbs-up indeed !

2nd May 2000, 20:09
I run a few Track Days at an old airfield in Essex which is great for learning on as there is MASSES of run-off available. The next one is in a couple of weeks.

Alternatively, Snetterton is quite good as it has some fairly easy corners although they can be quite fast. And Mallory Park is really only a couple of corners and a few straights, pretty easy for a track novice.

No circuit is ideal as a first one as there will always be other people who are going much faster than you; but this should not put you off at all. We all have to start somewhere.

The main thing is get some good advice. Any Track Day should have a qualified Instructor like myself or PhilB who will help you get started.


3rd May 2000, 15:46
Ok RobMac how about I give you a chance to advertise your wares here on this thread! http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif
You mention an airfield day in the next couple of weeks in Essex - that might be just the thing as we are Essex folk.
Care to say where, when and how much?

3rd May 2000, 18:15
The day is at Wethersfield Airfield near Braintree on Friday the 19th of May.

At the moment I cannot confirm if the day will go ahead as the last two were canned due to lack of interest, but I shall check on your behalf tomorrow an report back tomorrow night.

Cost I will also confirm as the prices I get are different to the normal rates.

Sorry I cannot tell you more just now, but I only run the days on their behalf and don,t get to involved with the logistical side.
I just turn up and earn my money!!!


4th May 2000, 23:00
Sounds interesting. I am a "track virgin" too and tempted to try. My main concerns are safety of the car and tyre wear (will I need a new set after 1 day?).

5th May 2000, 06:19
Tyre wear is obviously a concern, with cost of rubber - but i presume that as a first timer with low confidence this would be translated into much reduced wear.
Also, with regards to tyre wear, I have heard that overinflating your tyres can combat this to a great extent - what would the trade off in handling be?

5th May 2000, 09:05
A track day just done the road. un heard of. If there is any room on this day out ...Im well up for it. Track virgin to, but so what ...you only live once... HOW MUCH????

All the best


5th May 2000, 09:07
Sorry but i meant the day at wethersfield ...not the Snetterton one.



5th May 2000, 10:16
I'm well up for this Airfield Track Day think in Essex. Who do we pay, and has anyone got a map of how to get there?

5th May 2000, 10:22
I'm well up for this Airfield Track Day think in Essex. Who do we pay, and has anyone got a map of how to get there?

5th May 2000, 11:20

I'd be very interested! Need to know soon as I'm planning new tyres next weekend.


5th May 2000, 21:21

Sorry guys, been a bit too busy of late ( I know not this afternoon, Cookie) I WILL try to get info to you ASAP.


Ian Cook
5th May 2000, 21:55
Never said a word Rob http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif

8th May 2000, 10:30
Sounds like a goodun to me http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

darren f
8th May 2000, 11:28

If you're looking for a cheap, airfield based trackday, easytrack have just got some dates for a venue in Suffolk (note that you're from Essex):

Try www.easytrack.co.uk (http://www.easytrack.co.uk)

As already said, I don't know if they'll have any tuition in place, I haven't done one of their days yet.

Any other Scoobs up for one of the Suffolk days? (seems to be wall-to-wall Lotus' on other Easytrack dates)

10th May 2000, 08:58
Where in suffolk are the easytrack track days held??? i looked on the site ...but it said nothing about location ??


Neo http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

12th May 2000, 20:04
I've just returned from a day at Abingdon airfield track, arranged by EasyTrack and can thoroughly recommend it.
This was my first track/airfield day and due to the wide tracks and huge grass runoffs, inspired confidence quickly. The cars were well spaced out (approx 6-8 cars total on track at any time), so no harrassment for the slower guys like me who were learning the ropes !!!

This was the first event at this venue for Easytrack, but they mentioned that there will be others soon at this venue.

12th May 2000, 20:25
I also had a great time, For first timers they cannot go wrong. A few cars spun off but no problems plenty of run off space I did not see any scoobies spin. A brand new porshe was chucking out a water oil mixture at the end of the day. I would have cried the the owner didn't give a toss. Shame my brakes could not keep it up. I will have to do something about that.
Bob Iles

13th May 2000, 22:39
I spend most of this morning blasting out the grass from the radiator, engine bay etc. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif

Brake pads had started to crumble by the end of the day http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/frown.gif

Great day though http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif


16th May 2000, 09:14
The problem with airfield days is my Admiral insurance specifically excludes use on airfields, but not race tracks so it will need to be a track to get me interested. I have decided to book one of Doningtons Trak Zone days - 100 + 10 per passenger and they have instructors on site. Not sure which day yet, but 19 June looking favouite - anyone else interested?

16th May 2000, 09:15
The next Scottish track event at Knockhill is on Saturday 22nd July from 3:30pm to 8pm.

We always have at least one of the Knockhill instructors there for tuition.

For this forthcoming event, I am thinking of having a beginners/ladies session for about 20 - 30 minutes near the start of the event, to give those who are nervous about going onto the track, plenty of space and lack of faster cars.

However, a few people have said to me that the best learning they did (apart from the instructor), was to follow the lines and braking points of one of the more experienced drivers, albeit at a safe distance and a slower pace, gradually picking up the pace as they gained in confidence.