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11th April 2000, 10:51
Went to Kemble yesterday for a quick blast on their airdrome track. The track is only about 1/3 of a mile around.
There was two UK Scoobys
One evo V1
Plenty of Eliseís
Volvo 365 http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif
Alfa GTV V6
A very nice new TVR Griffith 500
OH and the Escort Turbo would not start so the lad brought along his company Vectra Diesel. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/redface.gif Donít laugh the Eliseís had a hard job catching him.
About 20 cars running in 4 groups.
After a few laps on this short track I could feel my tyres going off. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/frown.gif So slowed down until they cooled and then gave it welly again.
When back in the pits I checked my tyres and all was well. The other Impresa had destroyed his left hand Bridgestone SO2. The Evo had also done in his left hand tyre. (Bridgestone again)
The lad in the Impresa swapped his tyres around but within a few laps he had destroyed another left hand tyre. With two tyres now destroyed he was of home before dinner.
After dinner we went around the track the other way. It was only a few laps (about 5 or 6) and I could feel my tyres going off again. Back in the pit and the Evo had destroyed the right hand tyre also. I was quite chuffed to think that I had managed to keep my tyres in order. (P-Zeroís). http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/cool.gif The next time out I was giving it some welly passing two Eliseís and gave it a bit two much. Tyres now destroyed.
All the AWD cars lost their front tyres.
The rear drive cars where not effected.
There was also a large Chevrolet Camero there no good on the track was spinning all day but the blast down the runway gave him the top speed well over 150 mph I managed 145mph. But was first to the end of the runway and back. Camero brakes where crap.
A lot of weight to stop.
If you are thinking of going to Kemble take a spare set of tyres. No problems with brakes the tyre doesnít last long enough for them to overheat.
A tank of fuel only 95 Ron (Tight b@st@rd) £49 to go on track. and a new set of tyres
Two bacon butties and a coffee. What a cheap day out. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif
Do you use a set of tyres at every track meeting?
On the Kemble track it feels like you are just going around a roundabout all the time. Not a patch on the Exmoor runs that I have been on.


Bob Iles

Bob Rawle
11th April 2000, 19:23
Bob you must come to the next Castle Combe meet and try that.

Yes you do destroy tyres each time which is why I have a spare set of wheels and tyres to use for the track. I also eat a set of brake pads each time ..

Combe is great fun .. so is Donno.

11th April 2000, 22:35
Cheers Bob.

I was thinking about doing Kemble, don't think I'll bother now, I was concerned it may be a bit 'boring'.
Funny how the chaps that arrange it also sell tyres!!! http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif
Book in for Cadwell on June 1st if you really want some fun... http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif


12th April 2000, 20:54
Thanks Bob!

I'm off to Kemble on 12th May and I've already paid.

Any other tips for the day? Was it really that bad ??

Please make me feel better !!!


Silver MY95 WRX

13th April 2000, 19:18
You will have the fastest car at this track.
This is a short track with one staight about 300yrds long hairpin getting onto the straight and hairpin coming off. Their is not another car that takes these hairpin bends at full throttle, but at the expence of the tyres. You can save your tyres by not driving at 100% and still be ahead of the competition. But this is not the way to have fun. Hope it is raining for you if not have your money ready for new tyres.
Bob Iles

13th April 2000, 19:28
Bob Rawle/
Hi Bob hows it going.
I am thinking of going to 17" on my car, But using a set of tyres at a track is a bit to much for me.
£500 a set of tyres be it 16" or 17".
£100 for pads.
£150 to go on track at Castle Coombe
£50 Fuel.
+ insurance if needed.
This tends to be a very expensive day out.
Is there any point in having two sets of wheels if you have to replace a set at every meet anyway.

16th April 2000, 14:50
Was at Kemble this Friday, only Impreza there this time, I've been many times before but in my elise (now sold). The Impreza was only a day old so forgive me if I was a bit slow, registered on Thursday - Kemble on the Friday! In a rear wheel drive car Kemble is awesome fun, in 4WD you do tend to understeer a lot unless you lift off and plant the brakes to get the tail wagging. My brakes died - smoke billowing out of them, don't feel the same anymore.
Thinking about brake conversion and spare rims before any other improvements.

16th April 2000, 15:17

The point of a spare set of wheels is that you don't have to have road-legal tyres.

You can therefore run slicks or competition tyres which will last several visits. If it is wet you can run your road tyres without wrecking them (less heat accumulation)

It works out cheaper in the long run.Also if you have a disaster you don't have to limp home on a spacesaver.

Regards , John

17th April 2000, 16:08
I see what you mean about the spare set of wheels. Now how much will It cost me to take a Kwik Fit Fitter with me to change my wheels. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif
BTW. If I get a puncture I call the AA Perhaps I should go back to owning a jaguar all seemed so relaxing then.