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Danny Fisher
10th April 2000, 19:42
Guys, just received today a flyer from PTS. They have moved to St.Albans, and have fitted a 2 & 4 wheel rolling road.

Just an idea for another southern location for rolling road days/meets.


14th April 2000, 09:32
I am told that there is a rolling road being built in basildon, not a million miles away from scoobysport.

14th April 2000, 10:26
What might be interesting would be to arrange a rolling road shoot out!

Comparing the rolling roads in the SE, there is one that I will not be welcome at!

Ian Cook
14th April 2000, 17:45
PTS have been in St Albans for at least 3 years ? unless they have moved to another area ?

Danny Fisher
14th April 2000, 18:34
Ian, due to my brain NOT being in gear at the time of posting, I GOT IT WRONG..... DOH

They have moved from St.Albans to Luton.

Sorry about the screw up


Ian Cook
14th April 2000, 19:07
Danny do you know where in Luton, as I only live 5 minutes away, may take a peak at what they are doing now ?

Danny Fisher
15th April 2000, 09:30
Ian, new address as follows

Units C&D
Kingsway Industrial Estate

Tel. 01582 731733


Ian Cook
15th April 2000, 09:47
Thought so, Auto Techniques old premises, they had a 4WD rolling road already, wonder if it has been replaced or they are just saying its new.