View Full Version : Snetterton Track Day on May 14th - whose going?

Mike Rainbird
4th April 2000, 17:23
95 organised by the LTR, contact Darin on 01761 417 602 or 07971 424 472. Whose going?

See you there if you are...
Mike R

Danny Fisher
4th April 2000, 18:20
Mike, I'll given them a call tomorrow, to see if there are any spaces left.


5th April 2000, 19:40
Mike - what is Snetterton like as a race track? Are there lots of nice straight bits for Supras?

Being serious now, is it a good track for a novice trackday person, does it have lots of run off etc.

Tim Taylor
5th April 2000, 19:50

I'll see you there as well. I think it's my turn to take you for a spin!!!


6th April 2000, 21:41
Maybe - just maybe....

8th April 2000, 07:30
I'll definately be there - just reserved my place & an allowed out on licence for the day http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

Danny Fisher
8th April 2000, 18:48
Mike & Tim, due to my car having to have a new short engine fitted due to piston slap, I shall be un-able to run on the day. But I shall be coming up as part of the running in process. Oh those extra mile help lots.

Sorry Guys, but I see you there.


Stuart Knight
9th April 2000, 10:23
I'll be there with my WRX, and hopefully with slicks if its dry!

Mike Rainbird
11th April 2000, 07:14
Lots of straaights and lots of run off area, just don't fall off at Corem....(fast sweeper before Russel).

leigh wicks
15th April 2000, 12:59
Hi mike
i'll be going of cause not to to race tho sorry, but can i still have a ride in yours please?
thanx m8