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15th March 2004, 10:10
I am wondering if anyone has the experience of strut braces I am after to help me solve an issue.

I appreciate that they don't really do much if anything, but for some reason I like to know they are there.

I am wondering if there is a bent yet sturdy strutbrace available that will fit my car.

basically I already have the cusco model but I believe it is the older design which is a straight bar between the strut tops.

I am now after one which has the kins in it so that the cross bar is closer to the bulkhead.

This is so that after the fmic is fitted, it opens up some more space to provide more room for the air con rad which I propose to fit there.

Does anyone know of a sturdy strut brace which will do the job?

also, anyone want to buy the polished chrome finish straight across cusco strut brace?

Andrew Carr
15th March 2004, 10:30
Didn't you have a nice bent STi one originally on the car?

I might be interested in the Cusco brace, which one is it?


15th March 2004, 10:46
I did have one, but sold it some time ago.

Have since been told that the carbon ones do nothing appart from add weight and look pretty.

Not sure if its true but it makes sense since you can compress them in your hands!

15th March 2004, 10:51
this is the cusco one I have at the moment.


thanks to david wallis for hosting (who migth want to look through what he is hosting as I must be wasting loads of his space by now!)

15th March 2004, 10:52
In fact, now that I am looking at it, it is possible that one of this kind of girth physically cannot get any closer to the bulk head.

It certainly doesnt go as straight across as I remember.

May still be worth investing in a smaller diameter one!

Andrew Carr
15th March 2004, 10:55
It might just be an optical illusion but that looks to be fairly close to the bulkhead already?

I have always though that to be any use the brace should be as straight as possible.


15th March 2004, 11:39
see my last post above,

In looking at it, it does seem to be pretty close, but I don't remember it bending much.

I think you can have some bend in them but they rely more on the strength of the metal than their structure.

The cusco one is certainly the most sturdy I have seen on a car.

I think the design gets as close the the bulkhead as possible as you say, but the diammeter of the tube means it is still occupying a lot of space.

The question to me is whether it is worth the effort looking for something smaller for the amount of space I am going to gain for the air con rad.

15th March 2004, 12:16
I have an alternative Cusco one on mine - a bit thinner smile.gif

Edited to add: are you sure that's a Cusco? I thought they all had at least blue end brackets.


15th March 2004, 13:02
That strut brace looks well chunky! :eek:

I noticed an instant improvement in handling when fitting mine (reduction in understeer) no idea on make though..

But definite bends in it.


Only just enough space between brace and bulk head to pass a vac line.

Simon smile.gif

15th March 2004, 13:07
Same one I have smile.gif
...also have no idea who made it, and also noticed an immediate improvement - an obvious increase in rigidity. Which is quite impressive, as I wasn't expecting much given the slightly feeble look/connections on the thing smile.gif

15th March 2004, 13:16
Same here Nom.. very bizarre that neither of use know the make!

Simon smile.gif

16th March 2004, 12:24
Mine is definitely a cusco.

it came in a cusco bag along with the carbon style rear which I bought in a group buy ages ago.

The ones offered with in a more recent group buy did appear to all be blue anodised and I bought the front and rear lower braces on that occasion.

Perhaps the newer blue one woudl suit me more if it is a little thinner.

When the manifold is reversed, I am sure it will look like there is far more room for the air con core.

16th March 2004, 20:39
the strut brace on the hearse was meant to be some STi/Cusco thing (hence I guess the pink ends on it) big bastid it was too